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How to get rewarded for searching the internet

earn while searching the internet

During the web2 era, the internet has been a very resourceful place to search for information, most especially, for learning purposes. With search engines like google, bing, duckduckgo, etc the most valuable information are being gathered for easy accessibility which in turn helps publishers to gain visibility.

The emergence of the blockchain and web 3 has presented us with new ways of using the internet. The ability to use the internet in a more secured, private and of course profitable way. Solutions like presearch, a platform where you earn while searching on google, youtube, coinmarketcap, etherscan, etc.

What is Presearch

According to Presearch's official blog, Presearch is a community-powered, decentralized search engine that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search.

It is powered by a blockchain technology built on  the ethereum network and allows users to earn PRE tokens while using the platform to search the internet. 

Additionally, you can earn more tokens from referring friends to use the platform or stake on keywords to boost your website traffic. 

How to earn while searching with presearch

In order to get started, follow these steps;

  1. you'll need to sign up on presearch,
  2. For desktop users, download and setup presearch extension on your browser to enable presearch as custom search engine.
It is also important to note that per search that you make using presearch, you are rewarded with 0.01 PRE however, you can boost your rewards by search staking (i.e. staking a minimum of 1000 PRE ).

Friday, May 13, 2022

How To Send And Receive Lotus (XPI) Via Lotus Vase

Lotus Vase

Hey Lotusians, I believe every intending or aspiring appreciator will want to know how to send and receive Lotus (xpi), The token of appreciation.

In as much as there are other possible ways to do this, using the lotus vase is one of the easiest methods to do so, that's because Lotus Vase is the official mobile wallet for Lotus.

What is the Lotus Vase

Lotus Vase is the official mobile wallet for Lotus (XPI).

Being that lotus is generally known to be a flower, and flowers are kept safe in a vase, Lotus vase  keeps your Lotus (XPI) safe and ready to be utilized.

What else can the Lotus vase do? Well!, asides from keeping your XPI safe, Lotus Vase allows you to to send and receive lotus to or from a loved one, a family member etc.

Also, it gives you the rights to your private keys.

How To Setup a Lotus Vase

The Lotus Vase is available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded through the Play store and App store respectively.

Step 1

Type "Lotus Vase" and search on your custom stores (Android, iOS). In the illustration, I'll be using the play store for Android.

Step 2

From your search results tap on lotus vase as shown above then, install.

Step 3

You can choose create a new wallet or import an existing lotus wallet if you've had any. Ensure that you carefully copy out your seed phrase.

Setting up is just as simple as that, you can imagine. Now, Sending and receiving is just as simple as setting up too and with this guide I bet you won't go wandering around.

How To Send And Receive Lotus (XPI) Via Lotus Vase 

Credits to the Lotus Vase developers, they've made using the vase so easy from its interface.

In order to send Lotus, simply key in the quantity of Lotus you wish to send, tap on send, paste the receiver's address or scan receiver's QR code to activate the tick icon below.

Confirm the receiver's address again and again then tap on the tick icon to process transaction.

In order to Receive Lotus, simply tap on the request button to reveal your lotus address and QR code just as shown in the picture below.

Copy and send address to the sender.


At the end of reading this, I believe I've been able to create value through writing. Incase of further explanation, questions kindly send a direct message to

Sunday, April 17, 2022

How To Buy and Sell Lotus (XPI)

Are you in search of a reliable exchange to trade your Lotus (XPI) coins?  


Although, there are no direct ways to possibly buy Lotus (XPI) using  your native fiat but then using an exchange called Exbitron, one can easily trade XPI with or for Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Perhaps, you are here mistakenly but yet curious to know what Lotus is, I'll include a bring introduction of lotus in the next paragraph.

What Is Lotus (XPI)?

The name Lotus can originally be referred to a flower with significance linked to purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

Due to the significance of it's originality, the name Lotus was sorted out to suit the purpose of the project which envisioned a priceless way to show appreciation.

Lotus (XPI) is a priceless digital token of appreciation that you can always keep at hand. -

How To Buy and Sell Lotus (XPI)

As at the time of writing, Exbitron is the only verified source to trade your XPI coins as it is enlisted officially on givelotus' website. So, in order to trade one needs to create an account on Exbitron.  

Signing Up on Exbitron

Signing up on exbitron requires a few setup which will demand your email address. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup an account on exbitron. The steps below will guide you through the process.

  • For the purpose of this article, I'll be using my Exbitron referral link  as your sign up link. Click on
  • Fill in your email, Password and confirm your email address. On the referral code box fill this in ID7F5ED0796E.
  • Read The terms and agree if you're conversant with it then proceed by clicking register.

For security purposes, an authenticator will be required (Google Authenticator preferred). 

How To Buy Lotus (XPI) 

As mentioned earlier, Trading XPI on exbitron is paired to Tether (USDT) on trc20 network and Bitcoin cash (BCH) on the bch network. 

So, in order to buy Lotus, you need to make a deposit of either USDT or BCH to Exbitron.

  • Go to wallet on Exbitron
  • Click on USDT or BCH to make deposits respectively.

  • After deposit is successful, Go to home and select xpi paired to your preferred asset (XPI/USDT or XPI/BCH) Then click on trade.

  • Create your buy order.

Congratulations you've successfully purchased some Lotus (XPI) coin.

How To Sell Lotus (XPI) 

You can trade your Lotus (XPI) for usdt or Bitcoin cash. In case you need to trade them to your local fiat then you could go extra miles to exchanges that supports trading USDT and Bitcoin cash to fiat such as Binance.

  • Find Lotus on your wallet in Exbitron then click on deposit.
  • Once deposit is successful, Go to home and select xpi paired to your preferred asset (XPI/USDT or XPI/BCH) Then click on trade.
  • Create a sell order to sell from xpi to usdt or Bitcoin cash

Congratulations, You've been able to sell your Lotus (XPI) to Usdt or Bitcoin Cash. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Stamp Chat Review: Everything you need to know

Stamp Chat

 Introduction - What is Stamp Chat?

Stamp Chat is an open-source messaging app that focuses on offering users privacy coupled with end-to-end encrypted messaging and also, attaches value to users attention. Decentralized as it is, Stamp Chat maintains user anonymity (does not require user's personal information during the process of creating an account) using a protocol called CashWeb.

In my view, Stamp chat is also a wallet that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages. These messages are then decrypted in the wallet using a private key associated with a Lotus public address.

Lotus - Add value to your Conversation

According to the Stamp Chat White paper, In order to maintain secured communication, and anti-censorship, Lotus (XPI) was selected due to its roadmap being highly compatible with the requirements of the CashWeb project.

The Lotus roadmap stresses the importance of instant transactions accomplished on a global scale while building on the tokenized proof-of-work conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Stamp Chat App Basics

Stamp Chat is free and is available on the web (accessible on mobile browsers and desktop browsers). There are also desktop versions for Mac, Linux and Windows, which can be downloaded on the official website

How To Sign Up On Stamp Chat

Signing up on Stamp Chat does not require any form of personal information from users due to the fact that it is structured towards protecting user privacy. So, in order to sign up from the web version or the desktop version, follow the simple steps below;

  • Tap/Click on the Login/Signup button on the left side of the interface, read the terms and click on agree if agreed to proceed

  • Tap/Click on "New Character", Stamp Chat automatically generates a secret name in form of a phrase. To find this check "Character's secret name"

New Character

  • Enter a Public Name then click on "proceed"
Public Name

  • Stamp Chat automatically generates a Lotus wallet, Tap on "Get free Lotus" (1-5 Lotus is being rewarded to your lotus address from the lotus faucet ).
Lotus Faucet

  • Click on "Enter the Masquerade". I guess that's a slang on Stamp which means Login.


Note: In order to successfully login, Stamp Chat deducts a fee of 0.50 Lotus from your balance

Stamp Chat App Features

Stamp Chat currently is said to be in it's Beta stage and is subjected to rapid updates - thus it's features stated here might get outdated.

Stamp Chat as at the time of writing, features two layouts which houses the dashboard and the feeds layout.

On the Dashboard's which is located on the left, you'll find the following;

  • Forum - Functions like every other forum but with a unique ability of prioritizing feeds based on the amount of lotus attached to the feed.
  • New Contact - Allows you to add a new contact by via a lotus address.
  • Contacts - Displays your already added contacts
  • Send Lotus - Allows users to send Lotus on Stamp Chat
  • Receive Lotus - Allows users to receive lotus on Stamp Chat
  • Profile - Allows users to setup Bio, display name and profile picture
  • Settings - Allows users to toggle themes between Light mode and Dark mode, also, set-up contact refresh interval.
  • Remote Wipe Wallet - Allows users to clear all messages from the remove server and consolidate any funds associated with them back into your HD wallet
  • Changelog - Allows user to view changes attached to each updated version of Stamp Chat.

The feeds layout on the right allows user to view the feed of every activity done. For instant, While on chat with a contact, the conversation is being displayed on the feed section.

How To Start A Conversation On Stamp Chat

Starting a conversation on Stamp Chat is in no way different from other messaging platforms, the only outstanding feature is that in order to add a contact, a lotus address is required.

After adding a desired contact, tap on the contact you wish to start a conversation with and send a message.

Note: Each message sent by a sender deducts 0.50 Lotus from senders balance then rewarded to the receiver. In that way, value is attached for paying attention to the sender.

How To Send And Receive Lotus Using Stamp Chat

Stamp Chat can also serve as a lotus wallet for sending and receiving Lotus but then it is not recommended to store a huge sum of lotus in there. Follow the steps below to send and receive Lotus;

  • Tap on the dashboard on the left layout to reveal the send and receive option
  • To send, tap on send lotus.
  • Input receiver's lotus address and amount then, click on send
  • To receive, click on receive lotus.
  • Copy your Lotus address or scan the QR code to recieve

Stamp Chat App Security and Privacy

Using the CashWeb protocol, Stamp Chat ensures that users conversation is not readable by third party services by encrypting them using standards such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). In addition to the strong default security, users must be able to upgrade their security using existing overlay networks (e.g. Tor).

Monday, July 5, 2021

How To Enable The Widget on Your Smartphones

bitcoin widget
image source:

Widgets generally are useful sections on your mobile device that allows easy access to your most preferred tools. This may be on your Windows device, Android device or iOS device all depending on where you prefer them to be.

In some cases, a widget might be pre-installed or pre-set, for instance the time widget on your mobile home screen. In other cases, you may need to install or activate the widget yourself if need arises.

If you are a crypto currency lover or fan, you may always want to be up to date on the frequent changes on the prices of crypto currencies so a crypto widget on your home screen might be what you are looking for. For Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum price updates, The wallet has a pre-installed widget but needs to be activated to enjoy its function.

Usefulness of A Crypto Widget

What is the essence or important of activating the ( crypto widget on your smart device, you may ask.

Well!, as a crypto lover, being up to date with the prices of major crypto currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) is worth it. The crypto widget makes it easier to access this price updates simply once you have the widget activated on your device.

Also, it automatically updates the prices of the crypto currencies not leaving you behind as long as you are connected to a data source.

The crypto widget is flexible, meaning that you can place it any where on your home screen for Android users and likewise in the widgets section for iOS users.

How To Activate The Widget for iOS users

With the widget for iOS, you get timely crypto currency price updates on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum at a glance, stress free and easy.

For iOS users, to add the widget to your device, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle.
  2. Tap the Add button at the upper-left corner.
  3. Select the widget, choose from three widget sizes, then tap Add Widget.
  4. Then, finally Tap Done.

You can also add the widget from Today View with the next step.

  • From Today View, touch and hold a widget until the quick actions menu opens, then tap Edit Home Screen. 
  • Drag the widget to the right edge of the screen until it appears on the Home Screen, then tap Done.

How To Activate The Widget for Android users.

Activating the widget on Android devices might be slightly different from the process on iOS devices. One fact remains, widgets serve same purposes both on the Android device, the iOS device and any other devices, creating easy access to app functions.

For Android users looking forward to enabling the widget on their devices, the step below will be a reference to guide you through the process.

  1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold an empty area until the home screen set up is enabled.
  2. Tap on Widgets and Scroll to where you have the app icon.
  3. Tap on the app icon and select either the 2x2 widget or the 4x2 widget depending on your most preferred.
  4. Widget appears on your home screen.

Incase you don't have the Ethereum price on your widget, that is because it was integrated on the recent update made by To have the Ethereum price view, Kindly perform an update on your app store or google play store.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Crypto Tab Browser - Earn Bitcoin from Browsing


Through technology, a lot of impossibilities have been made possible. Initially, mining Crypto currencies like Bitcoin were impossibly done on browsers but now, one could just install a browser and mine BTC while going about with his usual browsing activities.

CryptoTab is one of the few browsers that have made it popular for it's users to mine Bitcoin while browsing

How Does CryptoTab Work?

Once downloaded and installed, CryptoTab would require to be set as the device's default browser. Once the Browser is being set as the the default browser, it starts mining after 1 day.

Also, the Browser allows a 10 level referral feature where you can invite friends to use the Browser, by doing this, you increase your mining team and eventually Earn more if all invited users turn out active.

Download Crypto Tab here

Sunday, July 5, 2020

9Mobile Night Browsing: How to activate 9mobile Night Plans

9Mobile Night Browsing: How to activate 9mobile Night Plans

9mobile Night Plans

Lots of Queries are hitting the search engines with questions on how to activate the 9Mobile night plans. For this reason, Myguideout have in this article listed the various 9mobile night bundles and how to activate them.

Recent days have seen a lot of subscribers opting out of the 9Mobile network due to some unknown reasons but funny enough the network's coverage has become enlarged and they offer lots of benefits to the remaining subscribers and intending subscribers too.

Just like other telecommunication networks offering plans for their subscribers to browse, surf, stream and download with large data bundles for cheaper rates at night hours, 9Mobile keys into the trend with amazing night browsing plans for her subscribers too.

Eligibility criteria for 9Mobile Night Plan Activation.

9mobile subscribers who are hoping to subscribe or Activate the night plans must be an active subscriber on the 9Mobile MoreCliq tariff plan. This means that if you are on another tariff plan apart from MoreCliq, you will be unable to activate the night plan. 

How To Migrate To 9Mobile MoreCliq

  • Dial *244*1# on your mobile phone to migrate to MoreCliq.
  • A message will be sent to your message inbox stating the confirmation of your migration
  • Note that a service fee of ₦100 may be charged from your balance if you have made migrations within the last 30 days.

How To Activate 9Mobile Night Plans

The 9Mobile night plan is only available to all 9Mobile Nigeria subscribers, and only usable between 12:00AM and  5:00AM. The steps to activating the plan are as follow:

  • Ensure you have a minimum of  ₦50 on your SIM for the 250MB plan or N200 for the 1GB plan
  • Dial  *229*10*10# to activate the plan for 250MB or *229*3*11# for the 1GB plan.
Well! At the End you just discovered that the 9moblie Night plans are just more expensive than those Offered by MTN, GLO and Airtel but the slight difference between 9Mobile's and the rest is durability. 

How to check your 9Mobile Night Plan Balance.

To check your balance after activating the Night plan, dial *228# 

Other Night Plans On 9Mobile

9mobile N1000 for 2GB

This is the combination of both weekend and night plan, where you can browse the internet throughout the night, or throughout the weekend (evening and weekend plan).

With this 9mobile N1000 for 2GB, you can easily download all your files and it works for all devices, Smartphones and PC (30days validity).

To activate this 9mobile data plan, you can easily top up or recharge your 9mobile SIM, and then dial *229*3*12#. Remember there is no sms option to activate. Works from 7pm – 7am (weekend).

9mobile N2000 for 5GB

And lastly, 9mobile is offering another impressive incentive that might take you surprisingly. This plan validity is just 30days (evening and weekend plan).

You can activate this plan on all your devices, and 9mobile promises 24/7 Whatsapp. That means, the plan also powers up your Whatsapp every time and anytime.

To activate the plan, you can top up or recharge your 9mobile SIM and dial *229*3*13#. Where you will also receive 100MB for WhatsApp(24/7).