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How To Send And Receive Lotus (XPI) Via Lotus Vase

Lotus Vase

Hey Lotusians, I believe every intending or aspiring appreciator will want to know how to send and receive Lotus (xpi), The token of appreciation.

In as much as there are other possible ways to do this, using the lotus vase is one of the easiest methods to do so, that's because Lotus Vase is the official mobile wallet for Lotus.

What is the Lotus Vase

Lotus Vase is the official mobile wallet for Lotus (XPI).

Being that lotus is generally known to be a flower, and flowers are kept safe in a vase, Lotus vase  keeps your Lotus (XPI) safe and ready to be utilized.

What else can the Lotus vase do? Well!, asides from keeping your XPI safe, Lotus Vase allows you to to send and receive lotus to or from a loved one, a family member etc.

Also, it gives you the rights to your private keys.

How To Setup a Lotus Vase

The Lotus Vase is available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded through the Play store and App store respectively.

Step 1

Type "Lotus Vase" and search on your custom stores (Android, iOS). In the illustration, I'll be using the play store for Android.

Step 2

From your search results tap on lotus vase as shown above then, install.

Step 3

You can choose create a new wallet or import an existing lotus wallet if you've had any. Ensure that you carefully copy out your seed phrase.

Setting up is just as simple as that, you can imagine. Now, Sending and receiving is just as simple as setting up too and with this guide I bet you won't go wandering around.

How To Send And Receive Lotus (XPI) Via Lotus Vase 

Credits to the Lotus Vase developers, they've made using the vase so easy from its interface.

In order to send Lotus, simply key in the quantity of Lotus you wish to send, tap on send, paste the receiver's address or scan receiver's QR code to activate the tick icon below.

Confirm the receiver's address again and again then tap on the tick icon to process transaction.

In order to Receive Lotus, simply tap on the request button to reveal your lotus address and QR code just as shown in the picture below.

Copy and send address to the sender.


At the end of reading this, I believe I've been able to create value through writing. Incase of further explanation, questions kindly send a direct message to

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