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How To Start Up A Blog With Blogger


Hello! Welcome to MyGuideOut, Here I am going to write about 'How To Start Up a Blog With Blogger'.
Personally, I have met with a lot of people which through research or individual interest have developed passion for blogging but lacks the guide on how to start.There are lots of possible ways to start up a blog but here I will talk about Starting up a blog with Blogger .

What Is Blogger?
Blogger is a publishing platform already designed by Google to enable publishers to blog multi-topics depending on your category. Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs and was later acquired by Google in 2003. The blogs created on are generally hosted by Google therby creating an access from a sub-domain ""

Now, Before signing up as a blogger there are some basic thing you have to know.

Decide On A Niche You Want To Write About

A Niche is a topic that your blog focuses on. Example; Technology,Personal Finance,Health & Fitness, Fashion, Sports, Entertainment etc. check here for further definations of Niche blogging.
 Below are some Niches & Sub-Niches to guide you


Adult Education, Brain & Learning, Campus Life, Colleges & Universities, Curriculum, Education Reform, Elementary Education, History, Home Schooling, Homework,  Literature, Mathematics, Multicultural Reference, Research, Scholarships/Loans, Special EducationVocational


Animal Rights,Breeding Pets, Species Research

Arts & Entertainment

Anime, Achitecture, Artists, Books, Comics, Creative Writing, Dance, Games, Movies, Photography, Performance, Art, Poetry, Radio, Television Trends,Visual Arts

Blog Resources

Advertising, Monetization, Development/Coding, Plugins, Templates, Tutorials Writing.


Career & Jobs, CEOs, Copywriting, Design, Entrepreneurship, Home Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Outsourcing, Project Management, Public Relations, Reference, Research, Sales, Small Business, Training, Unemployment


Advice, Debate, Humor, Multimedia, Photo Blog, Podcasting, Video Blogging


Hardware & Software, Privacy Security,Tutorials


Crochet, Beading, Ethnic Crafts, Fabric Arts, Glass Arts, Home Decorating, Jewelry Making, Kids Crafts, Knitting, Leather Work, Mosaic, Needlework, Paper Crafts, Pottery, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Soap Making, Spinning, Stamping, Weaving, Woodworking


Business Conferences, Event Planning, LocalNiche, Recreational Events, Seminars, Web Events, Weddings

Food & Drink

Baking Cake, Decorating Dining, Entertaining Healthy Eating, International Organic, Cooking Recipes, Wine


Blogging, Internet Marketing, Programming, Social Networking & Media, SEO/SEM, Web Design, WebDevelopment, Web 2.0


Advertising, Agricultural, Architecture, Automotive, Broadcasting/Media, Finance, Government, Health Care, Industrial Insurance, Investing, Law & Legal

Create An Email Account (Gmail)

Before you can sign up for  blogger account,you have to own an existing google mail account or create a new one. Click here if you have no google mail.
After Doing this, Let's proceed to signing in to blogger.

Sign In To Blogger

To sign into blogger, type into your address bar and enter, The above page in the image will load up, Click on sign in and confirm your profile on blogger,  here you will input your Display name. A Display Name is a name inwhich your readers will address the writer.

Click on Continue to Blogger and proceed to Create New Blog.

Choose A Title And Address

The title is the name inwhich your blog would be known as, For Example, "MyGuideOut" then choose an address, this is going to be the link inwhich your blog can be accessed. Example This address can be changed to a custom address like

Choose A Theme

Blogger offers series of pre made themes and templates and these themes can be customized to suite the structure of your blog by professional web designers.
There are also several companies that sells blogger customized themes like
Then proceed to create a blog.

On our next post,we will be writing on how to create blog posts on your blog.


  1. Hello Dear,

    My question is how to start a blog in 2019 if i have to sale own blogging courses online. Please reply with practical tactics.

    1. Dear Dhirendra Panday,
      Before you start selling your products online, I guess you have the intentions of getting buyers to buy them.
      The only practical tactic I can suggest to you is, building your audience i.e. get a lot of readers that are interested in blogging courses, probably the way you interact with them might turn them to your potential buyers.

      I hope this might assist you in one way or the other, Have a lovely day.

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