How To Convert Your Airtime To Money In Nigeria


How To Convert Your Airtime To Money.

On several occasions,one might mistakenly top up larger amounts of airtime from mobile banking apps via self airtime or might possibly get airtime gifts from friends and family members and would want to convert this sum to cash in his/her bank accounts.
    There are several platforms like AimToGet and Zoranga that would help you achieve this at your comfort zone, all you need to do is follow the steps below;
NOTE this applies for Nigerian Users Only.


This is an online platform that aids you to process banking transactions at your comfort zone.Zoranga provides the possibilities that can help you transfer everything via airtime,Just provide the airtime and convert it into your bank accounts.
  • Visit Zoranga and create an account.
  • Log into your newly created account
  • Select Deposit Money Option,Here you have three categories to choose from which are; MTN Share n Sell, Zoranga pin, Deposit via pin.
  • If you have the pin for the airtime you wish to convert to cash,then choose Deposit via pin.
  • If your MTN recharge card has already been loaded by you,and you need to convert it to cash,then select the MTN Share n Sell option.
Choosing the MTN Share n Sell option,you will be requested to provide your mobile number, note you will have to provide the mobile number in which the airtime was loaded to convert your airtime to cash. Thereafter, you will type in the exact amount you want to trade for your cash,another mtn line will be given to you with the instruction of how to transfer the airtime to the given number.
After transferring,you will need to wait for some minutes, approximately five minutes then refresh the page,your airtime would now be converted to funds in your zoranga account.
  • Now you can transfer the funds to your bank account. Just select the transfer money option and enter the details of your bank account.
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This is another alternative and platform that can help you in converting your airtime to cash, the requirements are just your airtime, an AimToGet account, your mobile data and possibly a good percent of your gadget's battery to avoid interruption in transaction.
  • Visit AimToGet and register for an account
  • After registration, you will automatically get an E-wallet
  • In the website,you would locate section that includes the transaction menu
  • Select the option, Fund E-wallet
  • Fund your E-wallet with any network's airtime of your choice
  • After a successful funding of the E-wallet with your airtime,you can now withdraw the funds to any bank account of your choice.
Finally, You now now how to convert your airtime to money with the above platforms. For smart persons,this can also be an opportunity for you to start up a comfortable business for yourself by transferring and sharing airtime and funds with other persons on the money exchange basis.

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