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Easy steps to Activating Adsense On Your Blog/Website


Easy steps to Activating Adsense On Your Blog/Website

Google Adsense being the number One source of generating financial gain for bloggers and web site owners,have set policies within which one should follow to become an earning partner.

Virtually,every blogger and web owner wants to earn money from Adsense but,It is not that easy to get verified into the Adsense program. With this post,"Easy Steps To Activating Adsense On Your Blog", you will learn about some possible conditions you need to meet before signing up for google Adsense.

Briefly,there are not any shortcuts to success thus,get relaxed and focused while I take you into the Adsense trip.

The Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement which discloses partly or completely the ways a party manages,gathers and interacts with its customer and his data. It additionally includes the steps a party renders to safeguard a client or his/her privacy. We all make this common mistakes by saying,'the inclusion of a privacy policy to our blogs/websites does not make sense'.The preference of a privacy policy by Adsense is extremely suggested and you want to guarantee its acquisition in your blog/website before signing up for Adsense.

Why is it Important?

The privacy policy could be a approach of representing and classifying your business as a no scam business and this provides the Adsense company the sense of humor that your business has the well being of your users/readers/clients inside.

This policy describes to your readers their safety measures,what they should do and what they should not do. This policy can perhaps be written by you or via an online privacy policy generator (you might not need a lawyer)

The About Page

Relatively to the privacy policy,you must have a page that describes the services rendered by your blog/website.

This page has a major role to play when it comes to activating Adsense on your blog because your blog/website might not be approved without it. Also, the About Page will create and invisible interaction with your users in relation to the services you offer.The About Page can be compiled with the inclusion of the blog/website's description and other possible features that you render. This guides the user to know and detect his arrival at the right blog.

The Contact Us Page

How is this related to the activation of Adsense on my blog/website some may ask. Let's look at this, Adsense being one of the largest monetizing company would never want to display its adverts or let its ads published on blogs/websites that does not care about the suggestions and contributions of its potential clients/users.

A Potential client/user in the sense that your user might be interested in any of Adsense's ads. So, in order to stay on the safe side,the contact us page is recommended for users to interact and share his/her own opinions, you will agree with me that,what one of your readers like might be bugging another.Then,its better to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts asides from the public comment section

Create a contact us page If necessary,add your professional email there example; and your social profile links too. Doing this, you are telling google that you care for your customers,visitors/users.

Name/Email Verification/Age Verification

The verification of your email is very necessary because it will remind google that it is the same person who applied for the Adsense and not a robot or spam of such. This will quicken and assist Adsense in the activation of your account.

Ensure the use of your correct date of birth and age while applying or signing up for Adsense.The Google Adsense is recommended for users not below the age of 18.

Minimum Number Of Posts/Words

It is clearly stated by Adsense that your blog posts should not be constituted with less than 500 words in no negligence to quality contents.Experiences and Surveys have it that before applying or signing up for the Adsense program,you should have at least 40-50 posts constituted with post lenghts of 500 words with quality content.

Quality Content

The Adsense quality is likened to; a no abusive content,no spam content,no adult content, well paragraphed article etc. This boosts your chances of getting approved.

Blog/Website Structure of Design

The responsiveness of your blog/website matters a lot. Therefore, your blog/website's structure should be professional and not messy.

In order of preference,the blog's structure would be placed after quality contents so, I would advice you go for a simple and responsive structure/design.

Paid Traffics From Untrusted Sites

So many Adsense users being so eager to make more income would employ buying traffics,using auto traffic bots in order to increase their income. Unluckily,most of them are being kicked out of the program

Why I included this is,following the above steps would get your Adsense approved and out of ignorance,you might get involved in buying traffics from these untrusted sites, This would only lead to the deactivation of your account by Adsense so,be warned.

With a careful adherence to this guide,I can assure you that within 24hrs of application,your Adsense would be approved.

If you have any questions or difficulties,you can contact us at myguideout@gmail.comAlso If this article has been useful to you,kindly share and drop your comments via the comments section.

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