Saturday, March 2, 2019

How To Convert Nokia C3 Into A Modem

Wondering if you could use your Nokia C3 mobile phone as a universal modem? Absolutely yes, you can convert your Nokia C3 device or any other s40 device into a modem which can be connected to your computer system for browsing.
The Nokia C3 is an s40 device that operates on the JAVA software, it also has a secret functionality of a modem embedded in them in which most of its possessors are not aware of. This gadget as at the year of it’s release was one of the hottest mobile gadget because of it’s hardware qwerty keyboard and it’s social network integration. With no form of doubt, this device was cherished by all who owned it.


Converting your Nokia C3 mobile phone into a modem would require;
  • Your Nokia C3 mobile phone or any other s40 device
  • Nokia OVI suite for PC
  • USB data cable.
Before connecting your Nokia C3 or any other s40 device to the computer, you have to set up the device first.
You can set up your Device by following the procedures below;
  • Switch on your C3 mobile device
  • Click on the MENU button
  • Navigate to settings
  • Select package data>package data settings and select active.
  • After setting up your package data, proceed to downloading and installing a Nokia OVI suite to your computer system. Nokia OVI suite for PC


When download and installation is completed, launch the Nokia OVI suite and then connect your Nokia C3 mobile phone to your PC with the USB data cable. Once the connection is successful, you will notice an image of your Nokia C3 device pop up the Nokia OVI suite and an icon of your mobile device will appear at the bottom of the software.
The Nokia OVI suite software has a sectional split view displaying the prompts command at the left section and the command response at the right section of the software. Now, on the left section of the Nokia OVI suite, a command prompting you to use your device to connect your computer to the internet would pop up, click on the “Connect Now” option link below it. 
After this is done, a window would be presented on the screen with the two options, select “Connect Automatically” if your network has a defined connection settings or select “Define Connection Settings Manually” to set up your connection manually then click on the “Next” button.
A set up page would be enabled for you to defined your connection settings manually, here you would have to include your operator’s access point name (APN), username and password… other spaces can be ignored. 
Please Note that setting this up depends solely on your operator’s service. For example the connection definition for GLO NG is not the same as the definition for MTN Nigeria.
Your Nokia C3 mobile device is now a modem, you can use it to browse the internet as often as you like but note that the Nokia C3 device operates on the 2G network so your connection might be a bit dull.
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