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10 Steps To Keep Your Black Jeans Black

10 Steps To Keep Your Black Jeans Black

10 Steps To Keep Your Black Jeans Black

Hi, welcome to MyGuideOut, I guess we are all familiar with the fading issues always attributed to the black jeans. Well, this may be scientifically because of the absorbing character of black colours or may be as a result of improper washing techniques.
As an avid wearer of all black I guess it's a complete necessity to know how to wash black jeans and keep them all black. In reality, no one likes buying a new pair of black jeans just to see that color fades away because of improper washing techniques.
Personally, I'm the all black kind of person and I take it as a serious duty to ensure that my black is black and not fading to greyish-black or whitish-black, you know what I mean.
My point is, yes, making sure your black jeans don't easily fade away can be accomplished with a few tips and tricks. So if you constantly wear black jeans but struggle with keeping the colour locked in, don't worry, keeping their wear life to a longer period of time is totally possible. Below are some ways to keep your black jeans Black.

Step 1

Always Wash With Cold Water:

This is extremely important. Never put your black jeans, or any dark clothes for that matter, in a laundry load of hot or warm water because the color will only fade quicker if you let your jeans soak up the heat or high temperature. Make use of cold water for rinsing too and also ensure that you rinse until the soapy foam gets off completely.

Step 2

Sort Black Jeans from coloured clothes during washing:

Although it may take time to do your laundry when you have to sort them out by color, but it's seriously worth it. When you mix your different coloured clothes together the colors fade each other out, and sometimes colours fading out of coloured clothes would stain permanently on your black jeans and that might totally condemn the Jean from usage.

Step 3

Try Washing your jeans inside out

You must have been familiar with the little tag on your jeans that says "wash inside out?" Well, you should definitely listen to it, and make sure to wash your jeans inside out. This will help your jeans keep the color in and lessen the fabric to soap contact.

Step 4

Avoid using strong detergents

I see people make obvious mistakes of using strong detergents meant for stubborn stain removal to wash black jeans or any other coloured clothes. This is absolutely wrong as it won't waste time in washing away the colour of the fabric

Step 5

Wash In A Gentle Cycle or Hand Wash:

You have to be as gentle as you can with your black jeans. The more rough the cycle is, the more the fading will occur when your jeans spin in the wash.

Step 6

Use Detergents made for Dark Colours

I also highly suggest buying a detergent specifically for your dark clothes. Since these formulas are specifically made to keep your clothes staying dark, it's definitely worth a try. I mean, if you're already separating your clothes, why not buy the detergent to match?

Step 7

Applying A Cup of Vinegar to the washing water

This may sound as wierd as... but many people have had a good experience washing their black jeans with vinegar. The vinegar will help seal the dye within the fabric so that they won’t continue to bleed. Make sure to definitely use cold water.

Step 8

Try a Teaspoon of Salt mixed with the washing water:

Just like the cup of Vinegar would seal the die, a little addition of Salt would help and if you're really open to trying something new, try adding a teaspoon of salt to your black jeans load. This can help set your dye in to prevent your jeans from bleeding too much.

Step 9

Avoid Excessive Sun Drying

Absolutely yes, avoid Excessive Sun Drying in order to maintain the black colour, like I said earlier, it is scientifically proven that black colours absorbs lot of heat. For instance, an over cooked vegetable would always look pale. That also implies on your jeans, the more you sun dry, the more it fades.

Step 10

Air to dryness after Wearing:

Finally, This sounds unnecessary but absolutely it is necessary. Why you have to air your black jeans to dryness is to dry off the sweat on them. This would take off the moist on the fabric and preserve the colour from fading.
Just in case you really don't want to wash your jeans, I always find it easy to mist instead of wash. Or just minimize the amount of times you wear them

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