Wednesday, May 8, 2019

6 alternative uses for your smartphone

Hey, I have always been wandering about how to utilize my old smartphone and this got me into researching possible alternative uses for a smartphone and what I found out is what I am putting down in this article.
Your smartphone is capable of being a handy alternative for lots of other electronics. In this write up, you will be able to discover 6 alternative uses for your smartphone.

Turn your Smartphone into a Google Home

Repurposing your Android phone to be a Google Home smart speaker is simple and requires no app downloads. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest Android OS so you have "OK, Google." Next, you'll need to find a Bluetooth speaker to pair your phone with. Make sure both devices stay plugged in and on at all times. You'll be ready to give Google commands in no time. The best part is you won't have to spend $129 on a Google Home. Learn more about what you can do with a Google Home here.

Use your Smartphone as a universal remote

It's great having one remote that can do everything -- think Click, the movie. OK, maybe not that extreme, but being able to control all of your devices from one remote is a relief. Download a remote-control app, such as iRule (for iPhone or Android) and then sync your phone to devices like your Xbox One, Roku and Apple TV.

If you have smart light bulbs, you can sync your phone to those as well. Follow these tips on how to turn your device into a universal remote so you never have to wonder where your TV remote is hiding again.

Your Smartphone can double as a home security camera

Feel secure by turning your old phone into a home security camera. Download a security camera app, like Alfred (for iPhone or Android) to get started. Check on your house while you're at work to make sure all is well. Place the phone in the main room of the house in a spot where you have the best view.

When you're home, set it up outside (hidden, of course) to see who's knocking on your door or to see any suspicious activity. Maybe you'll find it's just a raccoon that's been leaving candy wrappers in your yard and not your neighbor's kid.

Keep your old phone as a music player

Free up storage space on your new phone by using your old phone as a media player. Since you have a new phone, you can wipe all the data off your old phone (except your music and music apps).

You'll be able to add as many songs as your old phone will allow without worrying about how much storage you're using. Hook it up to your surround-sound speaker if you're having a party and let the fun begin.

The great thing is you'll be able to leave it in one place and won't have to worry about incoming calls and messages interrupting your tunes.

Use your old smartphone as a baby monitor

Instead of running into your child's room every time you think you hear crying or a strange noise, check to see if your baby is OK by turning your old phone into a baby monitor.

You can set your old phone up in the room and access it from your current phone by installing Skype on both devices. You can also use a baby monitor app like Dormi (for Android) or Cloud Baby Monitor (for iPhone). We haven't tested them on real babies, but the customer ratings are excellent. You'll feel better knowing that you can be in any room and still see your baby.

Use your old smartphone as a wireless mouse

It can be annoying when your wireless mouse dies on you with no warning. It helps to have a backup, and you can turn your phone into a mouse in no time. You'll need to download an app, like Remote Mouse (for iPhone or Android), in order to do so.
You can also read how to use your iPhone as a wireless mouse.

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