Thursday, June 27, 2019

10 Amazing Phone Hacks You Never Knew

10 Amazing Phone Hacks You Never Knew

Phone Hacks

It is amazing how much mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. A large chunk of the world population spends at least 10 hours on their mobile phones every day. Some spend as much as 18 hours locked on their phone screens. However, despite the popularity of mobile phones, many of its users still have not been able to fully utilize the device.

Here are some amazing things you probably did not know you could do with your phone;

1. Lifesaving Lock Screen: 

Imagine your phone gets lost or something bad happens to you and a good Samaritan happens to pass by; with a majority of us putting security first, our phones are mostly locked with a password or pattern. So how will this good Samaritan, get in contact with someone who might know you when he or she cannot access your phone? It’s quite simple; you can add a recovery message on the lock screen on your phone, including additional phone number(s) to be contacted just in case something goes wrong.

2. A Perfect Reminder: 

How many of us get to the shopping mall, eventually forgetting one little thing we were supposed to get? It is really frustrating when you realize that it is something you saw just before you left home. Mobile phones have a number of tools that can help you remember things easily. You can take pictures with your camera or use the notepad.

3. Turn your phone into a scanner: 

Even the least budget phone has a camera which can be turned into a scanner for your documents. You do not need to spend on computer centers anymore when you have got your smartphone.

4. Save space on your mobile phone by storing your files on an external device. 

You can access the files from your flash or hard drive by simply connecting an OTG device. You can also use this medium to transfer files from one phone to another with a USB cord.

5. Turn your phone into a card and cash holder. 

All you need is your mobile phone and your phone case and you might not need a purse or an additional cardholder. Simply slot your complementary cards, ATM cards and cash in between your phone and phone case, and you have a mobile purse.

6. Use Google maps without the internet. 

You do not have to leave your internet on to get to your destination using Google maps. Simply take a screenshot of the directions and enjoy your ride.

7. Save your data by preventing applications from running in the background. 

It could be quite shocking when we see how much data we have spent. What we do not know is that more applications than we use are actually using our data without our knowledge. Go to your phone settings to stop any application from running at the background.

8. Charge faster by turning off your internet. 

Have you been wondering why it takes ages for your phone to charge to 100%? Check your internet connection, wireless connection or any application running at the background.

9. Transfer all your files including applications from one phone to another by simply connecting to your Google account. 

When you login to your google account on your mobile phone, it backs up all your files, so that whenever you want to switch phones, all you need to do is login to your google account and you will be able to restore all your files.

10. Read pages offline with Phoenix Browser. 

with the offline reading mode of Phoenix Browser, you can read as many web pages as you want offline without having to spend on data.

Hope this helps. If you have more suggestions, let’s hear them in the comments section.

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