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How To Disable Media Automatic Download on WhatsApp

How To Disable Media Automatic Download on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is one online community that individuals use at most times and lots of  conversations occur via chatting, sharing videos and pictures.
Well, whether or not it's a family group where relatives send "good morning" pictures or school friends bombarding your chats with needless pictures and videos, you cannot continuously handle such a large amount of messages.
So we all have to be compelled to agree that sitting and deleting all these media files could be a immense task and additionally after you have limited storage accessible on your phone, it becomes a lot of of a haul. But, we've got an answer for that.

An option has been clearly initiated on the WhatsApp platform that enables users to disable automatic media download, I guess this option was included because they probably knew how bugging it is noticing a strange media file on your storage.
Below, I will outline the simple steps on how to disable media automatic download on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp auto download

  • Step 1: Launch Your WhatsApp Application
  • Step 2: Tap on the Vertical dots on the top right corner of the application
  • Step 3: Click on Settings
  • Step 4: Proceed to tapping on "Data & Storage Usage".
  • Step 5: You would be presented with three options under the media auto download section
  • Step 6: Change all options to "No Media" like the example in the image above.
With all this properly set, you are now free from buggy media files in your storage and your WhatsApp will no longer automatically download files.

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