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How To Block Adverts On Your Android Phone

How To Block Adverts On Your Android Phone

Block Ads On Android

Imagine switching on your mobile data to read some unread messages or emails in a cool and lovely evening but all you got instead was a bulk of adverts bombarding into your smartphone. Where those ads are coming from you may not know but it is not just cool because asides from just the bulky notifications from the adverts, your data plan decreases drastically on the background.
Yes, it's not so necessary that all adverts you get may not be annoying because some may be educative and worth looking up for yet the larger the internet world grows, the more the number of adverts we may likely get to come across.

The advancements in our smartphones today have opened a wide business environment for app creators and web owners, lots of this apps are embedded with programs that gets you updated on what's new on the app, display series of adverts you may like and also push them up in an amount that may get you pissed up.

Well, also included in the same advancements are several ways on how to get rid of those adverts or perhaps take control on how the adverts get to display on your smartphone so, there is no need to panic over the annoying situation because hopefully, the course of this article will enlighten you on how to block adverts on your Android phone.

Causes/Sources Of Displayed Adverts

I was able to gather and confirm that most of the ads popping up on our Android's screen is as a result of the permissions granted to most apps (pre-installed or downloaded). This access in most apps are being set on by default from the developers of this apps and most of us who download this apps do not even have time to go through them and turn it off.

In my experiences, when I downloaded and installed a launcher (XOS) to be precise, I noticed that each time I switched on my data, bulky advertisement kept popping up even when I needed to do something important. This experience made me go through the settings of the app and in the process, I discovered there was a support included to switch off the adverts stuff and even till now I am really enjoying the launcher.

So, the causes/sources of this displayed adverts may include:
  • Applications
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Installed Games
  • Browsers e.t.c.
After knowing the sources and causes of this advertisement, you can now know what to do in order to get them blocked from displaying on your Android smartphone.

Block Adverts Using Chrome Browser Settings

You might be accustomed seeing a number of ads while browsing the web - watching videos or reading articles - using Chrome browser on your smartphone, however these ads aren't displayed by Chrome. And there's a straightforward approach that you'll be able to block these ads. simply follow these steps.

  • First, Go to Chrome browser settings.

  • Go to Site Settings and tap on it.

  • Go to Pop ups and toggle the switch off

Block Adverts Using AdBlocking Apps

Alternatively, you can use also use Ad Blocking apps on your Android smartphones. This will not only block ads that are served to you while browsing the internet but also the ones that get displayed while using apps and games. But there is a catch. You might have to make some changes to your device settings to install the ad-blocker application. You can use AdBlock Plus to block all ads on your smartphones.

To configure your smartphone to download the Adblock Plus APK:

  • Go to your device Settings. The go to Security.

  • Now, scroll down to Unknown sources option and tap on the checkbox.

  • Tap on OK option in the confirmation popup.

  • To install the Adblock Plus APK:

  • Download AdBlock Plus on your smartphone using a mobile browser.

  • Open the File Manager and look for the APK of the file. Now tap on install option.

  • Once you have installed the app, open the app.

  • Tap on OK option to confirm.

Alternatively, you can also use AdGuard, AdLock and AdAway apps to protect your Android smartphone from ads.

How To Block Ads Displayed By Apps

Most App developers are usually aware of the level of annoyance the ads they serve on their app might cause but due to the fact that you downloaded a free version of the app, you just have no choice other than being served with the ads.
So, to get rid of the boring ads, upgrade you app to the premium version. Premium versions of app normally come with a no ads serve.

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