Saturday, July 27, 2019

How to choose a perfect charger for your phone

How To Choose A Perfect Charger For Your Phone


Selecting a perfect charger for your phone might actually be a difficult task especially to those who are not familiar with the voltage stuff. Majority of phone users do jump into selecting a charger that may end up increasing the occurrence of hazards to their phones.

A perfect charger matches all specifications with the original charger (carry come) or should I say the factory charger that was packaged alongside the phone on purchase.

Phone chargers are all over, and it becomes a problem to choose from the multitude of both fake and good ones.

How To Identify A Good Charger

In most cases, the maximum time to get a fully charged battery depends on the battery capacity and they are usually measured in milliamperes mAh for example, A Gionee M6 mini comes with a 4000mAh battery and such battery capacity will require a higher voltage supply charger than that of a phone with 2000mAh.

  • A perfect charger has a supply of 5V
  • The charge speed
  • A good charger does not get hot while charging
Depending on the type of gadget you own, you may need to look up to the manufacturer in order to get a perfect charger sometimes instead of road side stores.

In conclusion, the life span of your phone battery depends primarily on the type of charger you use in charging it. A bad charger will practically weaken the battery or might as well damage the battery or the phone.

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