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How To Share Music With Audiomack App

How To Share Downloaded Music On Audiomack App

Audiomack Music Share

Audiomack is an online platform that allows music streaming, podcasts for listeners and also a upload function for music advertisers and artistes. The Audiomack app was launched with a feature to allow users be able to listen to downloaded music even when they are offline.

Personally, I had an idea of the existence of this wonderful app but I got to fall in love with it when I say the app version on my friends iPhone. I asked him to share a particular music he had on his offline folder so I could also have it on my phone but unfortunately, he told me Audiomack doesn't share it's music. I guess this was because he was unaware of the possibility of doing so.

So, In this Blog, I am going to create an awareness on how to share downloaded music on your Audiomack with your friends and loved ones and one unique fact here is that you don't even have to create an account with Audiomack before you can share like it is applied to uploading.

Before you can share a music file on Audiomack, then you must have had the music downloaded for offline listening. Once that is done then you can proceed to the next section for the guide on how to get this done.

How To Share Music With Audiomack 

  • Launch your Audiomack App
  • Download the music you wish to share to be accessible offline
  • Click on the three dots icon at the right end of the music title
  • Beneath the displayed window, You'd see Copy Link, alongside some social media icons, click on More
  • Finally Click on Bluetooth to share music with other Bluetooth devices.

In conclusion, you can also share the desired music via a link  and also share the music to your friends on Facebook. 

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