Monday, July 29, 2019

How To Upload Music Files In Blogger

How To Upload Audio Files In Blogger.

Upload Music In Blogger

Like other publishing platforms including WordPress, a feature where media files like images, videos and audio files could be uploaded are being set in their various dashboards but in blogger's case, you can only upload videos and images. Uploading an audio files has held lots of entertainment bloggers on their necks thereby causing several migration to WordPress and other blogging platforms.

In this article, I am going to teach blogger users how to upload audio/music files on blogger using different alternative methods and how to make them downloadable on their blog posts.

First and foremost, we all know that does not upload music files and if you didn't know, I guess you now know. This genuine lack on the lovely platform has caused lots of bloggers to either migrate or look for alternatives like; Google Drive, Firebase Console, Datafilehost, Cloud, and several others. So, if you never knew how to use this alternatives, the purpose of this article will teach you in details so I suggest you read carefully to the end.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free uploading platform owned by Google, it offers 15GB space of free storage.
On Google drive you can upload videos, music files, docs and lots more so, this is actually one of the alternatives you can use in uploading your music files then you copy the download link to your blogger site.


Like the name implies, Datafilehost is another good alternative to upload and host your music file for download. Once the file is uploaded, you can as well copy the download link and include it in the blog post you want the file to be downloaded from.

Datafilehost has it's advantages and likewise disadvantages. The advantage includes that you can see the number of times your file has been downloaded (download count) and the disadvantage is that your file has it's stay limitations meaning that files uploaded on datafilehost gets scraped off the platform once it exceeds it's storage period.

Firebase Console

Firebase is actually created for mobile app creators but can also be used as an alternative to upload music files likewise other files. To use firebase console, you have to follow the following procedures below;

  • Firstly, Create an account with Firebase Console
  • Once account is being created, set up a project and name it. You can name it "Music Upload".
  • On the Sidebar, A Storage Function will be found. Click on it and upload your music file.

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