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Rogers Infinite: Best Data Offers On Roger Wireless Canada

Rogers Infinite: Best Data Offers On Roger Wireless.

Rogers Infinite

Roger Wireless, one of Canada's largest Communication platform strives further to suite the needs of her subscribers. One of the measures taken to this step is the introduction of Rogers Infinite.

What Is Rogers Infinite?

Rogers Infinite is a combo of cell phone plans on the Rogers Wireless™ which offers unlimited data, each of these amazing plans comes with certain amount of data in which you can use at maximum speed.
Once you use all of the max speed data included in your plan, you can use unlimited data at a reduced speed.

This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of data and getting overage charges on your bill like you would with a Share Everything™ plan. Plus, with Rogers Infinite, each line you add to a Rogers Infinite plan comes with its own data that can be shared across all of the lines on your plan.

Data Plans On Rogers Infinite

1. Edge Financing: Edge financing is a Plan type on Rogers Infinite which allows customers on approved credit to finance devices for $0 down. 

How To Opt-in For Edge Financing Plan Type

You can easily opt-in to Edge financing by following the steps below:
  1. Visit
  2. choose a Rogers InfiniteTM plan
  3. choose Edge Financing as your payment option, pay off the full price of the device through equal monthly payments over a 24-month period.
You need to note also that the Edge Financing Plan Type taxes are charged on the full retail price of the device and will be financed in equal monthly payments over your financing term.

2. Edge 40 Tab

3. Edge 30 Tab

4. Edge 20 Tab

How To Migrate To Plans In Rogers Infinite

To migrate or sign up for any plan on Rogers Infinite, you can Simply go online to and choose the plans that meet your needs or visit a Rogers store.

Benefits Of Roger Infinite 

Asides from being the best data tariff on Roger Wireless™, Roger Infinite offers mouth watering benefits which includes:

  • Roam Like Home, Extended Coverage and Data Manager
  • Maximum Data Speed
  • You can share data with up to 10 devices
  • Share Data With Tablets & Smartwatch
  • Coverage Extended To All Regions Of Canada
  • You can change your Rogers Infinite plan at any time.

How To Check Your Data Balance On Rogers Infinite Plan.

You can check your outstanding device balance by logging into your MyRogers account online or via the app and clicking on Usage Services, then Wireless Usage.

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