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How to check FCMB account number on your phone

How To Check FCMB Account Number On Your Phone

FCMB account number

Are you stucked to a point of knowing your FCMB account number?
With the help of this article, you will be able to check your FCMB account number using your mobile phone.

Some times, situation arises where you are required of your First City Monument Bank account number and probably it skipped off your memory. That's not really an offense because humans do have multiple thoughts and we tend to forget at some points.

Well, there is no need to panic, all you need do is read, follow the steps carefully written down in this article.

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Methods Of Checking Your FCMB account number

First City Monument Bank being one of the largest serving banks in Nigeria have provided several ways to serve it's customers request. These methods help serve their customers easier and faster, they include; FCMB Mobile plus, FCMB mobile banking code, FCMB Social Media page, FCMB customer service.
Any of these methods can be used to check FCMB mobile number.

How To Check FCMB Account Number On Your Phone (FCMB mobile banking code)

To check your FCMB account number on your phone, simply dial the USSD *329# and follow the instructions prompt.

Please note that only registered customers to the FCMB Mobile banking can access without registration. To register,
  • Dial *329#
  • Provide details requested
  • Set a four digits pin; Note that this pin will be requested before any transaction is completed so keep it safe.
Once registered, you can perform any supported transaction using the USSD code *329#.

How To Check FCMB account number via FCMB Mobile plus

FCMB mobile plus is a platform created to ease banking transactions for customers using FCMB. You can equally use the FCMB mobile plus or FCMB online APP to check your account number alongside other transaction like, transferring of funds, payment of bills, airtime top up, pin change etc.

To check your FCMB account number using this method kindly follow the steps below;

  • Download the FCMB online app and install it on your phone.
  • Login or create a profile using your FCMB associated mobile number.
  • Proceed to the account section to check your FCMB account number.

Benefits Of FCMB Online App

  1. Smart and Secured transactions
  2. Reliable and Fast results
  3. Comfortability
  4. Saves Time
  5. 24/7 Functionality / Availability.

How to check FCMB account number via customer service

You can also use the FCMB customer service contacts (+234)09099999814, (+234)09099999815 (WhatsApp) or 01-2798800, 07003290000 (Voice Calls) to request for your account number.

This platform is available 24/7 to serve customers needs.
Also, note that several security questions such as your full name, phone number associated with your FCMB account, Next of Kin, Date of Birth or your home address may be asked. After responding correctly to these questions your account number will be communicated to you.

How To Check FCMB account number via FCMB Social media pages

Social Media could not have been neglected in connecting with customers, for this reason FCMB also created a page on social media to tackle customer based issues too.
This method can equally be employed to check your FCMB account number if others proved abortive.

First of all, follow FCMB on Twitter or Facebook then make a post and drop a message, within 24hrs a customer agent will respond to your request.
Also note that some security question may be asked here too, all you need to do is answer them correctly and your account number will be sent to you.

Finally, if all methods failed you are now left with the option of visiting the nearest FCMB branch.


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