Thursday, February 20, 2020

How To Unshare Your GLO Data With A Friend

How To Unshare Your GLO Data With A Friend

How To Unshare Your Glo Data With A Friend

Hey, I guess you just discovered that someone is tapping your data and you probably are running out of data more often than you should.

Maybe you had shared your data with a friend in the past or someone included his/her number unknown to you in your Shared List but if the situation comes to worst and you need to get rid of them, then it's actually simple and possible.

How To Know Who Is Sharing Your Glo Data

To Know who is you are sharing your GLO data with, Simply dial *127*00# from your Glo number and the list would be displayed to you.

From the List, you may decide to remove a contact that looks strange or a contact that you don't wish to share your data with anymore

How To Unshare Data With Glo Contacts

Simply dial *127*02*phone number to remove#. For example, *127*02*08156475893#.

Alternatively,  you can send a message to 127 that says Remove ‘phone number to remove’. For example, Remove 08156475893.

You can also check out the details of the data plan you use by texting ‘Info’ to 127 or dialling *127*0#.

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