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How To Fund your PSN account in Unsupported Countries

Play Station Network (PSN); How to fund account in Nigeria and other Unsupported countries.

How To Fund your PSN account in Unsupported Countries

Gamers in Nigeria could easily relate that when it comes to video gaming, PlayStation games are always the most played. For that reason, the need to fund your PSN account is absolutely relevant. 

The question is, how do you get this done in Nigeria or other unsupported countries that are not listed directly on the PlayStation Network? 
There are two ways to play games on your PS4 console, you either buy a CD or you get it downloaded directly from the PlayStation digital store. 

Due to the difficulty encountered in funding your PSN account in Nigeria and other unsupported countries, you may likely get to just purchasing a CD or get extra charged to get the digital games.

How to open a verified PSN account. 

Well! Its quite impossible to open a PSN account with a Nigerian location because Nigeria is unfortunately not listed in the PlayStation network. The only way you can have a working PSN account in Nigeria is if you open the account with a US location and information. 

With the US information, you can sign up for a PSN account directly from your PlayStation 4 console. The steps are easy and straight forward to go by. 
To open a verified PSN account here in Nigeria, follow the steps below; 

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is being connected to your PS4.
  • Proceed to sign up 
  • Select United States as origin. 
  • Choose a State : Note that some states in the US gets a tax charge when buying games online so, you can avoid that by selecting States like Florida, Northern California, Alabama or Oregon because there are no tax charges applied for buying games in this states. 
  • Google the zip code for any of your preferred State. 
  • Skip entering your credit card as payment method. 
  • Proceed to Registering. 

How To Fund Your PSN Account in Nigeria. 

Once you are registered on the PlayStation network, then you can proceed to funding your account in order to make purchases. 
You can now fund your PSN account using a gift card. Remember, Nigeria is an unsupported location in the PlayStation network that is why you needed to use the US origin during the registration process. 

So,  now that you own a US PSN account, you can then fund your wallet using a US PSN Gift Card. Alot of gamers make purchases of the PSN cards on Amazon or OffGamers as well but I will highly recommend OffGamers because they have more US PSN cards and Amazon might take you into longer process of registering as a US resident before purchasing the gift card.

Creating an OffGamers account 

  • Sign up for an account on Offgamers, make sure to enter correct information and phone number as a code will be sent to your phone for verification.
  • Make US PSN gift card purchase here. Pay with your credit card or with your Nigerian PayPal account, I normally pay with my PayPal since I have a Dollar card connected to the account.
  • Offgamers will send you emails when you sign up and your order details when it has been completed. The US PSN gift card code is also completed immediately.

Funding your PSN account 

With the purchased US PSN cards, you can now fund your PSN account following the steps below; 

  • Sign into the PlayStation Store either directly from your console or from their website. 
  • Navigate to where you have your user ID and click on account settings. 
  • Select "redeem prepaid card".
  • Enter the 12 digit code written on the gift card you purchased from OffGamers. 
  • Click on confirm to successfully fund your wallet. 
  • Amount credited to your wallet is designated on the purchased PSN card 

With as many US PSN gift cards, you can fund your wallet from Nigeria and other unsupported countries as you wish by repeating the steps above. 

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