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How to Renew Startimes Subscription Online

TV Bills: How to Renew Your Star times Subscription Online.

How to Renew Startimes Subscription Online

Don't get too disappointed if your Startimes subscription gets exhausted because there are several ways you can easily renew irrespective of the package you belong.

In recent times, renewing Startimes subscription has been made as easy as transferring money as different platforms are introducing ways to get this issue solved.
You can easily renew your Startimes subscription using Quickteller, VTpass, Jumia One, ATM, Bank Mobile apps and even with simple banking quick USSD codes.

This article includes different trusted methods if renewing your Startimes subscription online.

How to Renew Startimes subscription online via VTpass.

VTpass is an online platform which enables users to pay utility bills from their comfort zones. You can easily use VTpass to renew your Startimes subscription by following the steps below:

  • Register an account with VTPass using the: https://www.vtpass.com/aff/1423152
  • After Registration, Go to section which says "What do you want to do" Select, Pay TV subscription Choose Startimes Subscription and click on the "GO" button. 
  • A new window appears after the page load, displaying options that needs to be filled by you, the options include: Bouquet, Startimes smartcard number, Phone number, Email Address and Amount you want to recharge with. After filling the options, Click on Continue.
  • A confirmation page with the transaction ID and recharge amount will be displayed. 
  • Proceed to choose a payment method which includes: Visa, MasterCard, Verve and Wallet payments After payment, An SMS containing the transaction ID will be sent to the number, an email will also be sent for confirmation.

Daily Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code 

This is the cheapest plan and it will last for just one day (24 hours). 

Nova Price: 60 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617928.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617928*60#. 

Basic Price: 90 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617931.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617931*90#. 

Smart Price: 120 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617934.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617934*120#. 

Classic Price: 180 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617937.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617937*180#. 

Unique Price: 240 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617940.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617940*240#. 

Super Price: 240 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617943.
Subscription Code: *322*1*240617943*240#. 

Weekly Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code 

It is valid for just 7 days (one week) after which you will have to renew the subscription. 

Nova Price: 300 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617929. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617929*300#. 

Basic Price: 450 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617932. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617932*450#. 

Smart Price: 600 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617935. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617935*600#. 

Classic Price: 900 Naira. 
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617938. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617938*900#. 

Unique Price: 1,300 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617941. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617941*1300#. 

Super Price: 1,200 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617944. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617944*1200#. 

Monthly Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code

This is the highest plan with one month (30 days) validity. You can recharge before or after it expire.

Nova Price: 900 Naira.
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617930. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617930*900#.

Basic Price: 1,300 Naira.
Merchant/ATM Code: 240617933. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617933*1300#.

Smart Price: 1,900 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617936. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617936*1900#.

Classic Price: 2,600 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617939. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617939*2600#.

Unique Price: 3,800 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617942. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617942*3800#.

Super Price: 3,800 Naira. Merchant/ATM Code: 240617945. Subscription Code: *322*1*240617945*3800#.

How to Renew your Startimes Subscription Using Quickteller 

You can easily renew your subscription on startimes Nigeria using quickteller website, mobile app and ussd.startimes quickteller subscription Before making any payment, make sure your startimes decoder is On.

  • Visit startimes payment page (https://www.quickteller.com/startimes) on quickteller website with your phone or pc browser. 
  • Select the bouquet plan you wish to subscribe for from the drop down menu. 
  • Enter your smartcard number, email and mobile number. Hit the continue button. 
  • You will be redirected to a billing page. Choose your debit card type (Visa, Master or Verve) then input your card details. 
  • Click on the Pay button to complete the transaction. 
  • Your subscription will be renewed and viewing will be restored in 0 – 10 minutes. 

Please note that Quickteller will charge you 100 naira for this transaction

How You can Renew Startimes subscription Using ATM 

Yeah, that is correct. You can renew your subscription using atm.

  • Visit the nearest ATM. 
  • Insert your debit card, enter PIN Number and select account type (Savings, current or credit). 
  • Choose the Quickteller option from the ATM menu screen. 
  • Select Pay Bills. 
  • Choose Others, enter the merchant code of the startimes plan you want to subscribe for and Press Proceed. 
  • Check merchant codes above. Enter smartcard number when asked for customer reference e.g 05xxxxxxxxx and Press Proceed. 
  • Follow on-screen guide to complete the payment. 

How to Renew Startimes subscription Using USSD Code on Mobile Phones.

Using interswitch ussd code based payment platform, you can easily renew your startimes Nigeria subscription using any mobile phone. This only work when you use the phone number registered to your bank account.

You can renew your subscription by simply dialing the short code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile phone. For example, dial *322*1*240617942*3800# to pay for one month unique bouquet.

Check the code for each of the bouquet plans above. It works for all Nigerian mobile networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile) as well as Verve, Visa & mastercard of all banks supported by interswitch network.

How To Renew Startimes subscription with Gtbank Mobile Banking Code 

You can also recharge your startimes using gtbank *737# mobile ussd code.

  • Dial *737*37*Amount*SmartCard Number# on the phone number associated with your gtbank account. 

  • Amount is the price of the plan you want to subscribe for. 

  • Smartcard number is the 12 digit number on your startimes card. 

  • Complete the payment using the last four (4) digit of your GTB Debit Card or Quick banking code.

How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Using Access Bank Short Code.

For Access bank / Diamond bank customers who own Startimes in their homes and want to Renew the subscription, you can do that by following the steps below;

  • Using your bank linked phone number, Dial *426#
  • Respond with 4 - For other services
  • Enter 1 - For bill payment
  • Enter 6 - and type Startimes
  • Select preferred bouquet and make payments.

How To Renew Startimes subscription online via Jumia One

With the Jumia One App, payment of utility bills has been made simple. Renewing Startimes subscription is not an exemption.

  • Download Jumia One App here 
  • Register an account 
  • On the Recharge and Bill Payment section, click on "TV Bills" Choose, "Startimes" for contract type Scroll and Select preferred bouquet. 
  • Input your smartcard number and amount you wish to recharge with. Click on Proceed to pay. 

Finally, I'm aware that there are several other ways to perform this action, so this article can be updated as often as possible in order to suit your needs and solve your problems. Due to this, the comment section is open for anybody who wishes to contribute or share his/her own idea on how to renew Startimes subscription online.

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