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20 ways to show and Earn Self Respect

Ways to show and Earn Self Respect

Self Respect

Self Respect a subjective evaluation of ones worth. This evaluation boost confidence, honour and dignity to one who earns it. 

A lot of persons have lost this subjecting to indiscipline and lack of morals amongst friends, family members and even the society and this results to devaluation of self worth in the midst of a gathering.

Now knowing the importance of self respect, you would quickly want to know how to restore the worth in you. Below are 20 ways to show and Earn Self Respect based on personal research and applications.

  • Stop looking for who is not looking for you
Keep clear of those who ain't searching for you because absolutely from this indication means they don't need you. Any step further trying to get close to this set of persons may deteriorate your self worth because they may start feeling better off and see you as a desperate person who is just trying to seek attention.

Those who actually wants you knows what you're worth but those who don't do not so, stay away from them.

  • Stop begging.
Begging kills the esteem in you. I'm not saying you should ask when you are in desperate need but don't beg. Try to get yourself what to do and stop depending on anyone else.
  • Stop saying more than is necessary.
If it's not necessary to say a word don't say. I see some people go extreme miles to get noticed by saying things more than necessary. You ain't respecting yourself so, you wouldn't get any from others. If you are such a person that talks more than it's necessary you loose self worth and value.

  • When people disrespect you, confront them immediately.
Always express your anger appropriately. Once your personality is punctured in form of disrespect, rebuke it immediately and walk away. This would sound clearly to any person that you have Self Respect and likewise demands the respect to be reciprocated.

  • Don't eat other people's food more than they eat yours.
Hey! Don't be a glutton, watch the way you receive and eat from people. Funny enough they would always use this against you when quarrels arise making you feel less worth and embarrassed. If necessary that you should eat, try to balance the times you eat From them with the times they eat from you. 

  • Reduce how you visit some people, especially if they don't reciprocate it.
Are you always visiting and they don't? You better watch it because you would know what they murmur in their minds when they see you appear. Some will smile when you go around and when you leave, they complain. Watch how they reciprocate. If they don't end it, you are losing respect.

  • Invest in yourself. Make yourself happy.
The happiest feeling you can get is seeing your self happy 🙂. Spend those times you should have spent with fake people with your self, make your self happy always.

  • Stop entertaining gossip about other people.
If you are a gossip or you entertain gossip, stop it because definitely you will be gossiped about some day. Don't spend times you should have spent doing some great things for yourself gossiping about others after who has ever earned from gossiping? You only loose.

  • Think before you talk. 80% of how people value you is what comes out from your mouth.
Let your brain work most times not your mouth. What you say goes a long way in coating your personality. If you say things that are meaningless and less important, Nobody's ever associating with you expect loosed mouths like you.

  • Always look best. Dress the way you should be addressed.
It's a popular saying that you get addressed the way you dress, look deep to your appearance, even though you appear on faded clothes make them look neat and clean always. You can also earn respect by looking neat.

  • Be an achiever. Get busy with your goals.
Stay busy working towards achieving your goals. Respect goes to the winners because they could lead others too. Your achievements can uplift your status and earn you respect.

  • Respect your time.
Any person with plans don't joke around with time. It is a resource that could generate achievements and regrets. Always do the right thing at the right time.

  • Don't stay in a relationship where you don't feel respected and valued. Walk away.
You see yourself depressed emotionally most times in what you call a relationship. If you have tried hard to fix things and they've refused to go right, don't get used, walk away. 
Any relationship that doesn't offer you respect is not worth fixing.

  • Learn to spend money on yourself. That's how people will learn to spend on you.
There's this respect you earn from just looking classy, Whosoever wants to get close to you will learn to treat you classically.

  • Be scarce sometimes.
Don't be too available. Sometimes take a break, stay indoor or probably travel out. Make your appearance scarce. There's much respect for those who are rare.

  • Be a giver more than a receiver.
There's much respect to earn as a giver than a receiver, additionally, givers don't lack. 

  • Don't go where you are not invited. And when invited don't overstay your welcome.
You ain't a vulture so watch your space. Invitations are approvals for your appearance in an occasion, if you are not invited it means you are not needed and if you are, when it's time to leave take your leave to avoid embarrassment.

  • Treat people exactly the way they deserve.
Learn to treat people according to how they deserve to be treated. This can create a better name for you in your society and beyond.

  • Except they owe you money, two call attempts is enough. If they value you they will call you back.

  • Be good at what you do.
Don't say you can do what you can't. Always be good at what you do, be diligent, respectful in your business. Once you are good with whatever you do, Respect isn't far From you

Credits: Torres Jim

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