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How to Check Your Wema Bank Account Number

Check Your Wema Bank Account Number

Wema Bank Account Number

Are you a Wema Bank customer in search of how to check your Wema Account Number? Kindly Read down on this article to know how to do that.

There are several methods to be employed in order to check your Wema Bank account number especially when one is in urgent need to know his/her bank account number either for transaction purposes or for documentation sake.

How to Check Your Wema Bank Account Number

The several methods for checking your Wema Bank Account Number includes;

  1. Wema Bank Quick Banking Code
  2. Mobile Banking (Internet Banking)
  3. Banking Documents
  4. Contacting Customer Care
  5. Wema Social Media Accounts.

How To Check Your Wema Bank Account Number Via Quick Banking Code.

Checking your Wema Bank account number using this method requires a pre-activation of the Wema Quick Banking on your Account assigned phone number. To activate the Wema Quick Banking on your number, simply dial *945#.

To check your Wema Bank account number using this method, follow the procedure below;
  • Dial *945*000#
  • Your Account Number will be sent to you.

Advantages of the Quick Banking Code

Using this method gives you some certain advantages over others. It doesn't require an active data connection which means that your account number could be checked at any time suitable to you. It also can be performed using any phone as long as it has you Wema account linked phone number in it.

How To Check Your Wema Bank Account Number Via Mobile Banking

Mobile banking here implies the use of Wema Bank's mobile App and sourcing the Wema Bank on the internet for your account number. This process would require an active Data connection, the Wema Bank Mobile App or A Browser to  access the bank's website. 

The WemaMobile can only be accessed by smart phone users and it is available for Android and iOS devices. You can only use this method to check your account number if you have the application installed in your phone and you are registered.

  • Download the WemaMobile from Playstore or Apple Store if you are an iPhone user
  • Install and launch the app on your mobile phone
  • Login to your details to access your dashboard
  • Tap the toggle bar and select Account activity
  • Click on Check Account Number.
As per users who prefer accessing the internet to using this mobile app, then you can use it to check your bank account number. To do this, simply log in to your account using your User ID and password. After you log in, click on Account Summary. You would find your account number displayed on that page.

Method 3: Checking Through Your Documents

This is an absolute offline method of checking your Wema Bank account number. It requires some paper documents issued to you by Wema Bank on dates of Account creation and activation. 

Bank account numbers are usually printed on certain bank documents. Documents such as bank tellers, bank statement and cheque do contain the bank account number of a person. If you have any of these documents from Wema bank, simply pick one and check for your bank account number.

If you have a cheque book, the second series of numbers you see at the bottom of a cheque slip is your bank account number. Account numbers are printed on bank tellers along with the transaction amount and date. For bank statement, you will find the account number at the top corner along with the account name.

Method 4: Contacting Wema Bank Customer Care

If you are too dull and still doesn't know how to check your Wema Bank account number using the pre-mentioned methods, it isn't a crime. You can switch to this method where you get assistance from the Wema Bank customer agents to check your account number. All you need do is provide your right details when requested for.

Contact the customer care using any of the phone numbers or email and request for your bank account number. If your message goes through, you will be asked to provide details of your bank account. These are simple details like account name, phone number etc. They are needed to confirm that you are the account owner. After providing these details, the customer care will provide you with your bank account number.

Method 5: Wema Social Media Accounts

Using social media, you can check and confirm what your account number is. The social media platforms you can make use of are Facebook and Twitter. Wema bank has an official page and handle on these platforms respectively, all you need to do is to chat them up.

Make a request for your bank account number and you will be attended to. There would be need for you to provide details of your account. This is to verify if you are the owner of the account. You will be asked to provide details such as the account name, phone number and address. If you provide these details correctly as they are registered in your bank account, your phone number will be sent to you.

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