How To Make Symbols With Computer Keyboard

 How To Make Symbols With Computer Keyboard

Are you in search of how to make symbols with your computer keyboard? Definitely, you are at the right place. Our Desktop, palmtop and probably our laptops where designed to perform some alternative actions like making symbols but, this actions were hidden inscribed therefore making it difficult for you to recognize and use this feature.
How to make symbols with a keyboard works with a combination of different keys on the keyboard but has the Alt key as the master key. The Alt key as a master key can then be combined with some other numbers to form a symbol. In this Guide, MyGuideOut would expose you to these keys and how to combine them to make a symbol.

The Trademark Symbol ™

To make the trademark symbol on your desktop computer, key combinations of the Alt master key and 0153 is required. For example, ALT + 0153 = ™

The Copyright Symbol ©

To make the Copyright symbol, Hold Alt + 0169

The Registered Trademark Symbol ®

To make the Registered Trademark Symbol, Hold Alt + 0174

Smiley Face (white) Symbol

To make the white smiley face symbol, Hold Alt + 1

Smiley Face (black) Symbol

To make the black smiley face symbol, hold Alt + 2

The Spade Symbol

To make the spade symbol, hold Alt + 6

The Club Symbol

To make the club symbol, hold Alt + 5

The Heart symbol

To make the heart symbol, hold Alt + 3

The Diamond symbol

To make the diamond symbol, hold Alt + 4

Eight Note symbol

To make the eight note symbol, hold Alt + 13

Beamed Eight Note

To make the beamed eight note symbol, hold Alt + 14

Nary summation Symbol ∑

To make the nary summation symbol, hold Alt + 8721

The Female Sign Symbol

To make the female sign symbol, hold Alt + 12

The Male Sign Symbol

To make the male sign symbol, hold Alt + 11

The Sun Symbol

To make the sun symbol, hold Alt + 15

Square root check mark symbol √

To make the square root check mark symbol, hold Alt + 251

The Degree Symbol °

To make the degree symbol, hold Alt + 0176

The Plus or Minus Symbol

To make the plus or minus symbol, hold Alt + 0177

The Paragraph Mark Symbol ¶

To make the paragraph mark symbol, hold Alt + 0182

The Cent Sign Symbol ¢

To make the cent sign symbol, hold Alt + 0162

The Upside Down Exclamation point symbol !

 To make the cent sign symbol, hold Alt + 0162

Please do take note that combining these keys to produce a symbol would only be effective on keyboards with the numeric section and might not work in some laptops.

To use your laptop keypad in making symbols, kind scroll your mouse to the task bar, type “Character Map” on it and search, an application controlling symbols will pop up, select your preferred symbol into your text area.
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