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Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

 Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Over millions of persons in the world today are involved in blogging and most of them are into some silly mistakes that might cause a breakdown to their career most especially the amateur bloggers who might have not gotten the proper guide about blogging. Now here are some common mistakes bloggers make and how to avoid them.

Money Focus:

I met with some guys who told me they would love to go into blogging and I decided to ask them a simple question, “why do you guys want to start up a blog?” and unfortunately, the answer I got was shocking. Guess what? They all said they wanted to blog so they could make money from it, although making money from your blog is not a bad idea but, making it a priority is the bad idea. From the few researches I have made, and from my personal experiences, if one has this mentality stocked up in his/her brain, you are already making a big mistake as a blogger. What’s the way out? Let your priority be satisfying the needs of your readers, the more interest they develop on your blog the better your chances of earning.

Not Interacting with Readers:

 Most times, people look up to your blog in search topics that would interest them to read and improve their knowledge. At times they would go as far as dropping a comment either for a request or as a compliment to the nice write up your blog has or to express their mind too. Instead of replying to these comments to create an interaction with our readers, you get so stocked to checking how your sitemaps are ranking, how much dollars you have made. What’s the way out? Interacting with your readers would always bring them back to your blog so, do not neglect them.

Loading Blog Sites with Un-Necessary Features:

Your blogs should always be made simple with a moderate template. The idea of calendars, un-necessary pop-ups would not only make your blog look boring but also less responsive. What’s the way out? Try as much as possible to make your blog light and not heavy loaded because it will increase the load speed of your blog and also aid in boosting your search engine optimization (SEO) presence.

Writing Ideas That Looks Interesting to Them:

In as much as an article might look interesting to you, be reminded that the main reason you had that article written there was to suite the interest of your readers not yours. Learn to create articles that would not interest you alone but also your readers, articles that would build the potentials and worth of your blog.

Copy writing:

Most amateur bloggers in the quest of filling up their blogs with articles of different labels (tags) would take to copying other blog posts and pasting them on their blogs without even taking time to spot out the mistakes made by those blog writers. Copyrighted contents may cost your blog a lot of damage in future, probably when you seek to monetize your blog. Writing a blog post is all about creativity in relation to the reader’s interest so, have time for yourself, create your blog topics and put them up for readers and even if you still wish to copy, try to re-write them to something different.

Not Updating Previous Posts:

Not updating your blog posts is another mistake most bloggers make. For example, you wrote a post on “how to migrate from a network plan to another” some years back. Few years later the procedures for the migration was updated but your blog still has the old procedure in it. Now persons searching for solutions to this, having been directed to your blog would only meet with the old procedures thereby creating a negative impact to these readers, this would not only freak them out but might end up reducing the potentials of your blog.

Expecting Large Traffic for Every Blog Posts:

Personally, I used to make this same mistake too some years back. I would make a blog post, share them to my social media pages then I would go back to my stats panel to monitor how well the topic is doing. With time I discovered I was not helping things at all, the moments I used starring at how well the blog post is doing, I should have used that time to make research on other ideas. Watching how well your blog post is doing is not a bad idea but you should always have a special time for that or better still, invest that time in other positive researches.

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