Saturday, March 9, 2019

How To Add Your Website to Free Basics

The free basics by Facebook was created to give users the access to useful information on the internet without data charges. This service in collaboration with registered developers have been a great platform for lots of people in the internet world. The Program is aimed at connecting people who hitherto do not have access to the internet and as a Blogger or content producers, there’s goldmine yet untapped which will propel your Website/blog to a greater audience globally.
Free Basic by Facebook as been made open for web owners, developers to register their blogs, websites and applications to grant their readers the free access to their contents.
                            Table Of Contents
1. How to add your website to free basics
2. Requirements
3. Adding Your Website
4. Benefits of adding your website to free basics

How To Add Your Website To Free Basics.

Adding your website to free basics means you are willing to allow the contents of your website to be accessed by readers without data charges. This comes along with a bunch of benefits which would include an increase in the traffic to your website.
In This Guide, We will be listing the processes and requirements for adding your website to the free basics by Facebook.


Contact Information
Site Information
Note For Reviewers
URLs, Countries and Language support (Not Compulsory)
Contact Information: This would include your business name, your name, your email address, your phone number and your country.
Site Information: This Includes, your website name, the category of your website, e.g. entertainment, community, news etc. Hero images of sizes 720×352 for banner and 114×114 for thumbnail.
The site information will help free basics users to find and understand your service. Note that your site name must be entered in English.
Note For Reviewers: In case you have a special request or questions for the free basics review team, this part gives you the possibility to attach them. Note that this note will not be visible for your users.
URLs, Countries and Language Support: Here you can include your target countries, your URLs and supports for different languages.

Adding Your Website

To add your website to free basics, you must have been certain with the requirements listed above and also the compatibility of your website, this is when your website is in line with the free basics guidelines, If these guidelines are met, then we can proceed.
Click on “get started”
Fill your contact information
Proceed to filling your site information
The rest of the information are barely compulsory which means they may not be important depending on the type of website you want to add to the service.

Benefits Of Adding Your Website To Free Basics.

Like we said earlier, there are bunch of benefits attached to adding your site or blog to the free basics by Facebook. Few of these benefits include;
Traffic/Audience Growth
Aggressive Boast in Social impacting
Exposure to Millions Of Free Basic Users
Increase in Your Website’s popularity strength.
After Submitting, Facebook will review your entry, and if approved, your content will be live on Free Basics for millions of people to access the world over.

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