Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How To Retrieve Your Lost Airtel Sim

How To Retrieve Your Lost Airtel Sim

At certain times, we do panic due to the fact that we have misplaced or damaged our sim cards. Shockingly, it is very possible to retrieve your stolen, damaged or lost sim at the pleasure of your home so far as you could get hold of the requirements.
The idea of getting a new sim and starting all over again in building your contacts is always a bit stressful and annoying. It is now possible for you to retrieve,recover and retain your well known line, making it easier for your friends and family to reach you.
Luckily the Airtel Network seems to have the simplest and easiest methods of retrieving your lost, damaged or stolen sim.

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Retrieval Requirements;

  • Purchase a new welcome back Airtel Sim (you can buy from the closest dealer)
  • The sim pack of the stolen or damaged sim.
  • The serial number of the old and new Airtel Sim (you can obtain this via the sim pack)
  • A fully charged phone to avoid disruption during the retrieval processes.
  • The PUK number of the stolen, damaged sim and that of the welcome back sim.
  • Finally, the number of the new sim.

How To Retrieve Your Airtel Sim Via SMS.

Now before you proceed to the next steps, ensure that all the requirements are made handy for a successful retrieval process. To Retrieve Your stolen, damaged or lost Airtel Sim, you will have to send an SMS in the format below;
Yourname (space) contact number (space) old sim serial number (space) new sim serial number (space) old sim PUK number (space) new sim PUK number (space) mobile number of the new sim to the short code "190".

After 24hours, call the Airtel customer care service to confirm the retrieval of your sim. Also, ensure that all information presented on the process are handy because you might be engaged in a security conversation with the customer care client.

How To Retrieve Your Airtel Sim Via Airtel Self-care Portal.

The Airtel self-care portal enables all Airtel customers to perform all activities with no or less stress.
Retrieving your Airtel Sim Via the self care portal would require detailed procedures.


  • Airtel welcome back Sim
  • Three frequently called numbers
  • Your last recharge amount
  • Sim pack of the lost, damaged sim card.

Step 1: Get a new Airtel welcome back sim or if you have any Airtel line that has never been inserted into a phone.

Step 2: You will have to register on the Airtel self-care portal. You can do that here. Please note that only SIMs registered already in this portal can be retrieved.

Step 3: If you are already registered, proceed to the portal, navigate and click on the Sim swap icon on the portal. Fill the necessary spaces presented on the page and click on submit.

Once the form is submitted successfully, the old sim will be blocked and within 24hrs, your sim will be ready for use.