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How to create a brand channel on YouTube

How to create a brand channel on YouTube

YouTube Brand Account

Google's owned YouTube is the world's largest video reservoir and asides from the function as a platform for uploading videos, creators can equally earn from uploaded videos of themselves as well as videos created per their businesses.

As a beginner, creating a channel might be more of just a little task and one may require a little guidance from an expert. Channels on YouTube are basically categorised into two types, the individual channel and the brand channel (Business).

What is a YouTube Brand Channel (Account)?

A brand account is an additional Channel created from your personal (individual account) but with uniqueness and usually for your business or brand. This brand account creates the perfect presence of your business on YouTube with its unique brand name.

What is the difference between the individual channel and the brand channel (business)?

Every channel serves the purpose of getting your videos uploaded and watched but on an intense view into this two types of channel, uncensors some little but major differences between the two.

Primarily, an individual channel which is usually the default channel, displays your first name and last name as the channel name making it difficult to display as a brand or a company but the brand channel gives room to be displayed as a brand (i.e. your business name). 

Other interesting uncovers about the YouTube brand account includes:

  1. Personalised Business (Brand) name 
  2. Giving access to other colleagues (i.e. giving managing access team members to your YouTube account, but not your personal account).
  3. No public association between your individual account and the brand account.

How to create a brand channel (account)

To proceed in creating a brand channel, you must have a google account and an existing channel. First you'll log in to your existing channel, you can read guidelines to create one if you don't have any.

  • Login to your Google account channel
  • Click on your logo icon at the top right corner of the account.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click Settings. youtube settings YouTube will direct you to your account settings. Here, you need to click Create a new channel.
This is where you’ll name your Brand Account. Always keep in mind that this account will be public and represent your business on YouTube. Enter the name of your company, not just “Company Brand Account” or your business email address.

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