Sunday, May 10, 2020

How To Unblock your website link on facebook

Unblocking your website on facebook - Tested. 

How To Unblock your website link on facebook

Facebook has been a source where most of the web owners do drive traffic from maybe because of its popularity. 

You can only drive traffic from Facebook to your website by sharing your link on the platform or maybe running some sponsored adverts via the platform. So,  what if your website link gets blocked or banned? 

Why do website links get banned from facebook? 

It's not new that website links get banned on facebook. This could be caused due to some violation of the facebook terms or probably you got reported by a person. This violation of the facebook terms could be extended to where you share your links to groups without being authorized. Such links get banned and removed entirely from the facebook platform. 

From my personal experiences and with my quick response to unblocking the links, I guess you can also do same using any of the methods that I'll be listing. 

Methods of Unblocking your website link on facebook. 

  1. Unblock via Facebook debug tool
  2. Unblock  via Facebook appeal form 

Unblock via Facebook debug tool. 

Having found out that a part of your website has been blocked or banned from being posted on facebook (example, instead of your main domain, then it means there are some certain contents in that part of your website that has gone against the rules of Facebook. 

To know what error is needed to resolve go to Facebook Debug tool and enter your url to see the warnings that should be fixed. If you paste the particular link that was blocked and it didn't debug then paste the full URL also be sure to check your settings for Facebook Open Graph.

Unblock via Facebook appeal form. 

Here's another method of unblocking your website link if banned or blocked from facebook. You'll have to visit the facebook help center, from the help center page is your support inbox. 

Your support inbox contains messages from facebook stating your violations precisely. Most times, your link might not contain malicious contents but because you shared it to a group or page that does not allow links, it violates the rule of the group or page and within days without removing the link, your link gets banned. 

From the support inbox, send an appeal stating your reasons why you posted the link and that it doesn't contain malicious contents or remove the link through the support inbox. 

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