Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How to prevent friends from posting on your Facebook timeline

How to prevent friends from posting on your Facebook timeline

Facebook Timeline Privacy

Your timeline is supposed to be dominated by you, when I mean you, I mean your updates. Though by default, Facebook allows all posts you are tagged on to appear on your timeline but to some extent, it becomes so annoying.

Imagine being tagged on a picture of you on a trip you never wanted to make public or an embarrassing update made by your friend and it gets public on your timeline. That's not a funny scene so, you might want to restrict this access by preventing them from posting on your timeline..

You need to know also that, an update made by a friend wouldn't just appear on your timeline except you are tagged or the post is being shared directly to your timeline.

Well! The essence of this article is to show you how to prevent friends from posting on your timeline.

How to setup Timeline Privacy

Here's the next stage and I need to tell you this. You can either choose to review posts you are tagged on before accepting them to your timeline OR you set up the "only me" option for who can post on your timeline.

  • First of all, scroll down to where you have the "Settings and Privacy" option on your Facebook account.
  • Scroll to the Privacy section and click on, " Timeline and Tagging".
  • Change the "Who can post on your timeline" option to "Only me". This only prevents your friends from sharing posts to your timeline but tagged post still appears on your timeline. So, the next step helps prevent this by giving reviewing authority to you. This means posts can only appear on your timeline if you accept them to.
  • Scroll down to the "Review" section, Turn On the option for "Review posts you are tagged in before the post appears on your timeline."


Following all steps aforementioned, you have successfully prevented friends from posting on your Facebook timeline.

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