Thursday, March 21, 2019

How to Use Your iPhone as a Computer Mouse

How to use your iPhone as a compute mouse.

Have you ever wondered of the possibility of using your iPhone device as a mouse? This guide would not only introduce the possibility but also guide you on how to get this done.

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Install a touch mouse in your iPhone
Step 2: Install a touch mouse software in your computer
Step 3: Choose your OS
Step 4: Installation
Step 5: Launch / Connect Touch Mouse On iPhone to Computer

Step 1: Install a touch mouse in your iPhone

Now, to install a touch mouse into your iPhone, go to the app store on your device home screen, after a successful launch of the app store, search for "touch mouse" and click on the download icon on the right corner of the results display.

Step 2: Install a touch mouse software in your computer

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the app, turn on your computer, locate an internet browser on your desktop, lauch and search for touch mouse software for PC or you can simply download the touch mouse software here.

Step 3: Choose your OS

Before downloading the software Into your computer,you would have to choose your OS. Here you would have varieties to choose from but, make sure you choose an OS compatible with yours. Mine is windows 10, if yours is Mac OS X, choose just that. When this is done, download it.

Step 4 : Installation

After downloading the Touch mouse software to your PC, locate the file folder, open the .dmg file or .exe file depending on the extension. Note that the setup process of my windows 10 might be quite different from your Mac set up. But I don't think you will need a special guide to go through that. When the setup and Installation is done, drag the iTouch Server to your desktop for easy access.
Double click on the touch mouse icon to launch.

Step 5: Launch Touch Mouse On iPhone

At this point, you must have been done with the Installation of the correspondent software on your PC.
Now, launch the Touch mouse on your iPhone, find the server to your computer on the app and connect.
After a successful connection, Congratulations you can now use your iPhone as a mouse.

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