How To Recharge Prepaid Meter

How to Recharge Your Prepaid Meter

With the introduction of the prepaid meters some few years ago due to the privatization of the power sector in Nigeria, some processes were insued in order to aid users (consumers) in a successful use of the meters. Some of this processes includes checking of unit Balance, recharging of the prepaid meter and checking of meter number.

With this processes, Prepaid meter users (consumers) are capable of regulating their power (energy) consumption and also able to recharge when the units (credit) is exhausted. This processes are made done by inputting some necessary codes into the UIU keyboard attached externally to the prepaid meter.

Some Common Terms In Recharging A Prepaid Meter.

Meter Number:

This is usually a 11(12) digit customized number that comes with your meter and is assigned significantly per meter, this means that no two prepaid meter has the same meter number. In recharging your prepaid meter, this number is rated IMPORTANT because a token can only be generated with the meter number. Also note that, any mistake made in the submission of this number may result in a token that would be invalid in your prepaid meter.


The electricity token number usually consists of a 20 digits number. Note that if you are recharging for the first time, it may come with an additional 20 digits token number which is for the bonus unit.

Units (Credit):

This is the amount of credit allocated to you on a generated token (on your recharge). For example, a recharge of 1000 naira may be allocated with a credit (unit) of 52.04.

How to Recharge Your Prepaid Meter with Codes.

Having purchased your token from any dealer outlet or power offices, you will have to key in the 20 digits token number into your prepaid meter to recharge.
The steps below will guide you.
  • Step 1: Ensure that there is a power source to your meter or make sure there is electricity light.
  • Step 2: Key in your 20 digits token number into your prepaid meter through the external UIU keypad or the internal keypad.
  • Step 3: In case of any mistake in the insertion of the token number, press the red button to cancel the activation or the back button as the case may be. But, if the inserted numbers are correct,press the green button to send or activate the token.
  • Step 4: Once the token is entered correctly,the UIU screen will display ACCEPTED which means that the recharge is successful.
  • Step 5: If the screen displays REJECTED, don't panic, it simply means that the inserted numbers were incorrect, invalid or you made a mistake with the meter number presented for the generation of the token. If the inserted token numbers were not correctly inserted, kindly insert them again correctly but, if there was a mistake in the meter number, visit your dealer with your complaints
After all this is done, you have just successfully recharged your prepaid meter.
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