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11 tricks to extend Android battery life

Solutions to the extension of the Android battery life has gotten majority of Android users on their necks. Most times we do ignorantly run into downloading malicious applications into our Android phones all in the name of battery saving but guess what, they only end up decreasing your battery life with ads popup.
Like, have you ever downloaded an application for rescue but it ends up installing other apps on phone? I guess I'm not the only one that passed through that.
Some months ago two friends of mine purchased new smartphones for themselves, actually one had a 3600mAh battery life while the other had a 2600mAh battery life but currently the one with the 2600mAh battery life performs better. Some of the Tips I'd include in this write up might be a regular tip but read carefully because the more tips you would apply, the better your battery performance would be.

11 ways to extend your battery Life.

  1. Newly Smartphones Should Be Fully Charged Before Use: Like I said earlier, some of the Tips I would include will be regular battery life tips. On purchase of an mobile gadget, ensure to charge them completely before use. Why? The reason is that observing this tip would determine if your battery will be on the green side. It builds a foundation for the sustainability of your battery life. 
  2. Use Recommended Chargers: Most times we overlook this tip, maybe ignorantly or due to some reasons. Anyways if I may say, neglecting this tip has been the major factor of most battery life issues Android users experience. On purchase of your device, a factory designed charger is always being included. These chargers are specially designed to fit the Voltage input and output of your device and this information are usually written on the head of your chargers.

    How do I identify a recommended charger for my Android device This is quite simple, in case you have missed your original charger you can always purchase a recommended charger with the input and output voltage written on your phone handbook or manual. If the charger's input and output voltage matches with that, then it's good for purchase.

  3. Uninstall Inactive Applications: This is a trick uncovered in this write up. The more applications you install, the lesser you battery life would be. Personally, when I purchased my phone, I had to seek for the root permission into my phone root to uninstall some factory installed applications like The Facebook app, replaced it with Facebook Lite, a lighter version of Facebook. What I'm saying is, do not stock your phone up with unnecessary applications, or let's say applications you don't need.

  4. Never Consume up to 60% of your phone storage space: Always give your Android phone the breathing space. Even with humans, when our thoughts tends to overpower our minds, we get stressed and worn out, same thing is applicable to your Android phones. In order to extend your battery life, try as much as not letting your storage to pass the yellow line.

  5. Don't Use While phone is plugged to a power source: This might not only be dangerous to your battery life but also hazardous to you and your health. Whenever your Android phone is being plugged to a power source for charge purpose, do not use it to chat, make calls, play games, receive calls, watch movies etc..If you used to do any of this, after reading this write up try not to initiate them anymore because it can drastically reduce/weaken your battery life.

  6. Avoid The "Dead Usage" Habit: What I mean by The Dead Usage Habit is using your phone until it reaches 0%. If your phone gets critically low always, you are already weakening your battery life so, avoid the habit. Try always to switch off your phone when it reaches 10% to boost and retain your Battery life. This trick usually enables the fast charge functionality of your Android phone and it helps to maintain your battery strength too.

  7. Avoid Frequent Charging: It is not advisable to charge your Android phone when it is not below 60% or below 120 minutes after previous charge.

  8. Sleep Phone When It Gets Hot: This is definitely another top to extend your Android battery life. During use, when observe that your phone temperature is higher that the room temperature, try to give it a rest, round up your activities and sleep the phone. Overheating may cause serious damage to your battery.

  9. Avoid Frequent Flash Charging: Yeah!, We all love things to work faster, like flash Charging to 100% in 1 hour. This might sound cool but with time, it tends to weaken your Android battery life. Some times try a slow charge, like once or twice in a week. Although it takes time before the battery gets fully charged but it technically strengthens your battery.

  10. Reduce Phone Contrast: The more light your phone emits, the more heat it generates, likewise the more energy it looses.So, in order to extend your Android battery energy, always reduce the contrast of your phone especially when you are inside a building. This also help to reduce the effect it causes on your eye in as much as your battery life.

  11. Use Your Battery Saver: Finally, most of our smartphones come with a battery saver. It could be found by swiping down the notification panel. This savers when activated, assists in battery optimization and the extension of battery life. Significantly, it reduces your light contrast, shuts down application background activities, reduces notification volumes, sleeps phone after 15 seconds and lots more.


It is extremely dangerous to over heat your battery or charge through a short circuit because it will not only reduce your Android battery life but cause explosion. Written in the article above are tested tips and it works perfectly fine for me, so I'm certain it works for you too.
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