Monday, April 22, 2019

How to get Airtel free 4gb data bonus

Airtel is currently giving out free 4GB data on Airtel 4G SIM plus 25% Data bonus whenever data plans from 500 Naira above are being activated, the 25% bonus is for next three months from the first activation.
This offer requires a 4G Airtel SIM and 4G enabled mobile phone to activate and can be enjoyed with other devices once activated. In this post I am going to teach you how to activate and enjoy this offer, just follow below guidelines.


To be eligible for the Airtel free 4gb data bonus, you must own an Airtel 4G sim but it you already own an Airtel Sim, you can easily migrate to Airtel 4G . Also, your phone must be 4G or LTE enabled.

How to check your phone for 4G compatibility:

  • Go to your phone ‘Settings’.
  • Click ‘More’.
  • Select ‘Mobile Networks’.
  • If you are using two SIMs select the SIM which you switched ON for data.
  • Click on ‘Preferred Network Type’.
  • If you see 4G or LTE in the given options it means your phone is compatible.

How to get Airtel free 4gb data bonus

  1. Once you passed the eligibility test, Switch ON your data network and ensure that the preferred network type option is switched to 4G/ LTE.
  2. Once your device detects 4G network you will receive a message which goes like this, “Welcome to Airtel 4G/LTE. You have been credited with a 4G/LTE trial offer of FREE 4GB, dial *140# to check. You will also get 25% Data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 above, for the next 3 months. Bonus data is usable on 4G/LTE network only.”
Now your free 4gb data is sure and it's left for you to keep your phone charged. 😊