Friday, April 26, 2019

How to get 2gb for 500 naira (Airtel Binge)

How to get 2gb for 500 naira (Airtel Binge)

During a recent update from Airtel Nigeria, a new plan has been announced known as the Airtel Binge Plan under their data list. It is fair for downloading, even though its not really much, but at least its still okay for a quick use.
Airtel Nigeria has added a new data plan to its existing list of Data plans. Dubbed Airtel Binge, it offers subscribers a whopping 2GB for just N500 and if you can’t afford that, there’s an option of 1GB for just N350.

What Is The Airtel Binge Plan?

Airtel Binge is a plan on the Airtel Network that offers Data for cheaper amounts such as 2GB for 500naira, 1Gab for 350 naira.
This plan is more beneficial to the heavy data users, video streamers, bloggers etc

Advantages of The Airtel Binge data plan.

  • Fast for downloading as it is otherwise known as the "download plan".
  • Affordable for purchase
  • Instant use purposes.
  • Speed & data quality

How to Activate 2gb for 500 naira (Airtel Binge):

To activate just dial *141*504#. Make sure you have up to 500 worth of airtime before you activate. 2gb is just for a Day (24hrs)

Other Benefits of the Airtel Binge Plan:

You can also purchase a whooping 1gb data for just 250 naira for a day use too.
This can be done by dialing the USSD code *141# select buy data under , Binge Plan is number 3.