Friday, April 26, 2019

How to retrieve or replace your lost glo sim

Retrieving your lost glo sim might be the only way to stay in control of your contact line when you have missed it or damaged it mistakenly.
This might be so important either because a whole lot of your business contacts, family contacts were saved there or there's no other easy way for you to stay in touch with your contacts anymore.
In this article, I will be giving out outlined steps to retrieving your lost glo sim, the requirements needed to replace your glo sim and also an easier way to fill your glo sim replacement form in the comfort of your home.

How to Retrieve/Replace Your Lost/Damaged Glo Sim.


The following items would be required from you to get a replacement for your lost sim.
  • Photocopy and original copy of a valid ID Card:Note that this is compulsory for the retrieval/replacement of a prepaid sim (Personal sim) or a postpaid sim (Business sim).Examples of Valid ID Cards include: National ID Cards, Driver's License, International passport, employee ID Card, trade union ID, School ID Card. Any of the ID cards would be accepted provided it is valid.
  • Proof of Ownership: In order to replace a prepaid sim (Personal sim), the following would be required for the verification of ownership;
    Sim pack (Card holder) containing the serial number of the lost sim, a police report or a sworn affidavit if the sim pack (card holder) is lost too.
    For a Postpaid sim (business sim) replacement, the following proofs will be required; Sim pack (Card holder), Copy of S.A.F (Glomobile Contract), Glomobile invoice for last 3 months (prior to line suspension/damage), written request or introduction from corporates, police report or sworn affidavit.
When all this Requirements are in place, you can now proceed to visiting any Gloworld shop closest to your location with a pre-filled sim replacement form to ease and save process time.

Price for Glo Sim Replacement In Nigeria.

Glo sim replacement in any Gloworld offices is free. Costs may be included while trying to make an affidavit, photocopying ID cards. But approximately, for a complete sim replacement, you may spend up to 1000 naira.

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