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How To Create And Monetize A YouTube Channel

How To Create And Monetize A YouTube Channel

Youtube is one of the largest video store in the world, if not the largest. I bet if you are looking forward to converting your passion into cash then this would be a great option. With recent developments by the YouTube developers, you would not want to waste your data just watching videos but also getting some cash out of upload your videos too.
Firstly, for beginners looking up for how to create a YouTube channel, I'm sure you've thought and resolved on what you would upload on your YouTube channel, will your videos be nice and interesting to watch? Or Are you still on a look out for what you will be uploading on your channel? Now, below are some interesting types of videos that would give you a whole lot of watch hours.

Interesting Video Types/Niche

  • Comedy Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Lyrics Videos
  • Tutoring Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Dance Videos
  • Karaoke Videos

The aforementioned video types are the few interesting ones I could mention, there's a whole lot of others that I haven't mentioned but all I would just say is, go with the video type that interests you the most. Something that wouldn't eat you up or give you much stress.
After being certain with the type of video you will be uploading, then you can give yourself a relief breath because, the rest of the steps would be easily ironed out as you follow the guide.
Also, be informed that for proper use of your YouTube channel, you must have read and understood the YouTube terms and policies. In there you would be exposed to some other basic measures to undertake in other to operate effectively on your channel.

What Are The Requirements for YouTube Channel Creation?

Creating a channel on YouTube would come after you have created a Google account. With the Google account, you can have access to the YouTube account.
Channel Naming: Every YouTube account has a unique name, a name that either portrays what the videos are about or a name that represents a brand. A good name also assists in easy search and brings more traffic to your channel.
The next thing you should get ready is a good graphic image for your YouTube profile and cover photo. An ideal size for a good YouTube cover image should be about 2560x1440 and for the Profile photo, 800×800. Once this is set, you can proceed to creating a YouTube channel.

How To Create A YouTube channel

Although you have been watching videos on YouTube for days, months or probably years now, that didn't guarantee that you owned a channel of your own and for that reason, you had no public presence on YouTube. You can only be heard, seen, watched when you have created a channel. 
I know you must be thinking of how possible it is to create a YouTube channel without a laptop or desktop computer. Don't panic because with your smartphone you can also be a proud owner of a channel. All you need to do is follow the steps below
  • Simply log into your YouTube account
  • Go to your channel list
  • Click on create Channel
Now you are done with creating a YouTube channel.

How To Monetize your YouTube Channel

Creating a channel is one step and monetizing it is a different step entirely. To monetize your channel, you'll need a thousand subscribers (1000+) and a minimum of 4000 watch hours within the past 12 months before your request will be reviewed and ads attached to your videos. 
To get subscribers on your YouTube channel you can read our article on how to get YouTube subscribers to your channel. Remember you should not set your whole mindset on making money because nothing good comes easily, I'm not saying money's not good but you need to work hard for money to come.
Your video content must be of good quality, contents that would make your viewers stay on their toes for your next update, something new and valuable. Avoid copyrighted videos, try to make yours unique and you will watch the magic spread on your watch hours.
Also make adequate use of your social media accounts, make offline introductions to your friends and colleagues at your place of work. With that, you wouldn't want to let go of your passion.

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