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Diamond Yello Account: Eligibility And How To Register

Diamond Yello Account: Eligibility And How To Register

Diamond Yello Account

With the MTN Diamond (Access) Bank Yello Account, on this platform you can now carry out your Diamond Yello account transactions using the short codes listed below.

The Partnership Between the two giants MTN And Diamond, Diamond Yello Account (DYA) tries as much as possible to offer its customers a safe and easy platform of opening and operating a full bank account from the convenience of their MTN Mobile Lines, without going through the hassles of documentation requirements in opening a bank account (Please note that all registered MTN customers are automatically eligible to partake) or the difficulty of finding or getting to bank branches for transaction, as the product is easily accessible through all MTN network of Agents.

How To Register And Open A Diamond Yellow Account

Kindly Dial *710# to open a DYA account today with less stress ‪EasyPeasy.

Services You Can Enjoy With Diamond MTN Yello Account

Below are some of the services and innovation you stand to enjoy when you are on this platform.

  • You stand to enjoy the convenience of opening a full bank account without the need to visit a bank branch, go through all the hassles to fill forms or provide any documentation to get a bank account.
  • With the Yello Account, users can send and receive money to and from any bank account in Nigeria and also to all non-account holders.
  • Easy access to bank services through MTN network of Agents for every deposits and withdrawals.
  • Users can enjoy Loyalty points for carrying out transactions on your account
  • You easily earn interest payments on your account balances
  • Go-cashless with a safe and secure means to buy airtime and pay for goods and services
  • To open an account in just a few seconds, simply dial *710# and select your PIN.

How To Download Diamond Yello App For Different Devices

The App can be downloaded from different App Store based on your device.

How To Change Pin On Diamond Yello Account

If You Forget Your Diamond Yellow Account Pin, you can change your Pin as directed below step by step.

  • On your phone, Dial *710#
  • Select Bank Services by typing 1 then send
  • From the options displayed choose Manage Account by typing 6 and send.
  • Select Change Acct PIN by typing 1 and send.
  • Enter your current account PIN
  • Enter a new account PIN
  • Repeat the new account PIN
  • You will receive a confirmation upon completion.

How To View My Account Statement On Diamond Yello Account

Kindly follow the step by step procedure below to complete this task.

  • Kindly Dial *710#
  • Select Bank Services by typing 1 and send
  • From the display screen,
  • To View Account Statement, type 5 and send.
  • Enter your account PIN
  • Account Statements for 5 previous transactions will be displayed.

How To Deposit Money Into Your Diamond Yello Account

To deposit funds into your MTN Yello Account, Kindly follow these procedure bellow for easy task completion.

  • Please Visit any Diamond Yello Account agent
  • Inform the agent how much you wish to deposit into your Diamond Yello Account
  • Hand over the cash to the agent.
  • Give the agent your DYA NUBAN Account number
  • The agent will credit your account with the amount you have handed over to him for
  • You will receive a text message that your account has been funded with the amount you wish to deposit into your account.
  • Check your account balance to confirm money has entered your account

How To Delete Your Diamond Yellow Account

To Delete or get of the account, just visit the closest Yello Agent To you for adequate advise and help on this.

How To Check Your NUBAN Account Number

  • Kindly Dial *710#
  • Select Bank Services by typing 1 and send
  • From the displayed screen, Select manage Account by typing 6 and send
  • To view your NUBAN Account Number type 2 and send
  • Your Diamond Yello NUBAN Account Number will be displayed.

How To Buy Airtime On Your Diamond Yello Account

Follow the steps below to buy airtime on your Yello Account.

  • Dial *710#
  • Select MTN Service by typing 2 and send
  • From the displayed screen, type 1 to recharge your phone or type 2 to recharge for others and send.
  • Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to buy
  • Enter the beneficiary’s mobile number (no entry is required if your own mobile phone is the beneficiary)
  • Repeat the mobile number entered in step 5 above
  • Confirm the details supplied
  • Enter your Account PIN
  • You will receive a message on your phone confirming the completion of the transaction.


Diamond Yello Account: Eligibility And How To Register comprises of All headings, subheadings and minor headings above. This will assist you in performing activities with your newly activated Diamond yello account.

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