Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Natural Ways To Keep Your Lips Soft And Pink

Natural Ways To Keep Your Lips Soft And Pink

Our lips constitutes an essential part of a bright smile. Just as a white set of teeth will enhance our smiles and make it attractive, so will a soft and pink lips do. To possess a facial beauty then you must be ready to take adequate care of it's constitutes which includes the lips. Sometimes, the Lips do suffer from the excessive heat from the sun, harmful substances in the lipstick, and even from the common deficiency of vitamins in the body. Most times, we would want to use balms purchased from stores to attend a soft and pink lips, but most of those products can not boast of 100% natural recipes therefore exposing our lips to more dangerous effects. If I may advice, go for natural means of getting your lips soft and pink and these tips I will include in this article as you read further.

How To Make Your Lips Soft And Pink

1. Face Wash Often:

Naturally, what makes our lips hard and cracky is the presence of dirts on the surface of the lips and the first step to employ in taking the moist out is face washing. You may need to do this most mornings and evenings before meals and after meals respectively. Under a normal weather condition, use cold water to was your lips and avoid using antiseptic soaps during this process.

2. Brush Your Lips.

This might sound harsh but, while brushing your teeth, use a soft brush to brush up gently on your lips. This way, you take stubborn dirts off the surface of your lips. 

3. Apply Natural Oil

These includes all vegetable and essential oils, mint, fir, vanilla, orange, jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Tangerine oil, to mention but a few. The oil moisten the lips, prevents them from cracking and also makes them bright and unique.

4. Proper Diets

Most fruits and vegetables enhance smooth and soft textures on the lips, Vegetables like cranberry would increase the pink textures on the lips.  Take much of vegetables and fruits for a natural soft and pink lips.

5. Wear Honey To Sleep

Honey is essential for lips softening, it also disinfects the lips surface and gives it a brighter look. Apply them on your lips when you are about to sleep then wash it off while washing your face in the morning.

6. Avoid Excessive Smoking

Smoking is an habit quite well, but also it takes smoking a little time to destroy the beauty of our smile which is the lips. Excessive smoking in turn makes the lips black and also exposes the lips to the heat from the cigarette stick therefore causing cracks to occur on the lips. There are also ways to maintain a soft and pink lips as a smoker but that isn't the aim of this article.

7. Apply A Natural Balm

Balms for pink and soft lips with natural constituents would also be a great way to achieve our aim as it generally constitutes of natural recipes. Although most balms from the stores may include some synthetic recipes either for preservation or for attractiveness but you can still get the 100% natural ones though the price may be higher.
To ensure it is totally natural, you can learn to make one with natural and easy to acquire recipes. 

How To Make Lip Balms From Natural Recipes.

Probably no balm purchased in the store can boast of 100% natural ingredients. It is easy to justify because the manufacturer must produce a product that will have an attractive appearance and could be stored for a long time. Aromatic compounds and, of course, preservatives are used for this purpose.
Before starting the preparation of the balm, you need to prepare a clean container. Cooling balm quickly acquires a solid form, so you need to have on hand a suitable jar, a container of used lipstick. You will also need a set of basic ingredients. Their list can be changed and combined in different ways - this is a matter of your taste and financial capabilities.


Wax: This ingredient is the basis by which the tool acquires a solid structure and does not melt. You can take beeswax. It has an excellent antiseptic effect, helps to heal cracks faster, relieves inflammation when weathering or burning in the sun. You can buy it in the markets from beekeepers or in stores with bee products. You can replace it with floral or candelilla wax, which can be found in stores with products for soap making.
Solid fats. This group includes coconut, mango, cocoa, and shea butter. Their presence in the recipe for lip balm provides a double moisturizing and wound-healing effect. You can also use ordinary petroleum jelly, but apart from the moisturizing effect, you will get nothing more.
Oils. All vegetable and essential oils will be perfect. For example, for dry, shriveled, dull lips, jojoba oil is suitable; for the prevention of cracks, peach oil is used, and in winter, you can add calendula and sea buckthorn oil. Or just add what is at home - olive, linseed, pumpkin oils.
Vitamins. Three vitamins are especially beneficial for the lips. Tocopherol rejuvenates the surface of the lips, removes radicals, restores lips after using lipstick. Vitamins A and B5 are responsible for the regeneration of microcracks, eliminate dryness and roughness. Tocopherol (Vit. E) can be purchased in a solution or a gelatin capsule (inside it is liquid), vitamin A, B5 - in ampoules.
Essential oils. For you to get a natural lip balm, it is useful to enrich it with healing oils. Choose the oil that you like - mint, fir, vanilla, orange, etc. In addition to the benefits, 2-3 drops of oil will give your balm a unique aroma.
Honey. This component softens the lips, disinfects their surface and gives the balm a sweet taste. You can use any natural honey.
Before we proceed to the preparation of the balm, you need to prepare a clean container. Cooling balm quickly acquires a solid form, so you need to have on hand a suitable jar, a container of used lipstick.

Preparation of the Balm

  • Wax: Beeswax 15g - 30g (you can employ any other form of wax)
  • Solid Fat: Shea butter or petroleum jelly
  • Natural Oil: Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Rose oil (any to suit your needs) 1-2 table spoon
  • Honey - 2 to 3 drops
  • Colour: cherry juice/cranberry/beetroot juice/Pink powder
  1. Melt the wax on the steam, pour in the oil and add honey. 
  2. Additionally, you can add ¼ tsp of a liquid solution of tocopherol and essential oil for odour. 
  3. It is better to use cherry or beetroot juice for pink colour. 
  4. When heating, make sure that the mixture does not boil, otherwise, the honey will lose its usefulness. 
  5. Finally, pour the balm in a small jar with a lid and send it in the fridge.