Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How To Exchange Bad Naira Notes For New Ones

How To Exchange Bad Naira Notes For New Ones

Bad Naira Notes

I just stumbled upon this lovely information earlier today although I guess I might have hurriedly missed it because I had lots of mails in the box which needs to be sorted out..
One of them was from the Bank, FCMB to be precise, After reading through the mail I felt such an informative piece shouldn't be locked to myself only maybe you are also my kind of person who prefers to explore the net.

Do you know you can exchange your bad naira notes for new ones in FCMB? Yes that's what the mail was all about. It stated that the Central Bank of Nigeria is on its verge of promoting the usage of clean and fit notes in circulation.

The Clean Note Policy classified Bad Naira Notes as ones that has been partially damaged either by flood, fire, dye, torn or destroyed by natural disasters and is more than one half of the original size.
So, the above conditions would enable the exchange of the naira notes.
Below is a screenshot of the mail I received: