Friday, August 23, 2019

How To Make A Post In Blogger

Guide On How To Make An Optimized Post On Blogger

Assuming this is your first post on your blogger blog, after understanding the A to Z of blogging with blogger, you must have known where your dashboard is and where to click to make a new post.
Before making a new post on blogger, the following sections must be ready and employed in order for your post to be optimized for search engines.

Title: The title is assumed to be the topic of what ever you are writing about. An optimized title should be made of at most 6 words. It is this way so as to include every single word of it on the post link but, incase the words are more than 6, you can perform a custom link set-up on the permalink section.

Heading: Headings are very important factors of making an optimized post not only on blogger but also other blogging platforms. The heading can likewise be the topic of the post, with the inclusion of some other words that were not included in the title section.

Images: The image may come immediately after the heading of the post (not compulsory) and should portray what the post is about. Optimized images can be made by setting up the img title and also the alt text. The highlighted red text will be explained on the next sub topic.

Content: This is the main blog write up itself. Optimized contents should not be less than 300 - 500 words. The more valued content your post portrays, the more chances you have on getting the post indexed on Google's first page.

Description: This should be a brief description to captivate your readers attention, although it is not usually displayed on the main blog but it is displayed on search results by search engines. In blogger, they are called search description.

Tags: They are usually called Labels on blogger. As the name implies, you just have to give your blog post a label.

I just had to take my time to explain the above sections in making a blog post on blogger before proceeding to the main guide because they are very important as long as you want to get indexed on Google's first page (Organic Traffic).

How To Optimize Your Post Image For Search Engines

Like I said earlier while trying to explain the Image section, Optimized images must have an image title (img title) and also an alternate text (alt txt)
Image Title: The img title can be the title of the post. Once this is set, the image also appear on search results alongside the post snippet.
Alternate Text: This is the name of the image and must contain words from the post title. It is usually displayed in place of the image when it is not loaded properly.
To set this up on blogger, 
  • Upload the Image
  • Click On The Image, Go-to Properties
  • Set the title txt and alt text and click ok

Photo Guide On How To Make A Post In Blogger

  1. Go-to Dashboard on blogger, Click on "New Post"
  2. Input your optimized title
  3. Make your post heading
  4. Insert a picture or video 
  5. Write your post body content.
  • a: Label- Input your post label
  • b: Post Schedule: You can write a post to be published automatically later by setting up a schedule.
  • c: Custom Permalink: To maintain an optimized link when words on your title are more than 6, you can reduce them here briefly.
  • d: Location: You can set a location for your post
  • e: Search Description: This is where you place a brief description of your post.


After going through the article, I hope to impact additional ideas on how to make a blog post in blogger and also ensuring that they are optimized for organic traffic purposes.