Monday, August 12, 2019

How to fix fingerprint issues on Android

How to fix fingerprint issues on Android

Fingerprint Issue Fixed

The new technology age has produced a lot of Android devices with finger print sensors making them affordable and available. These Devices has the capability of finger print enabled security where only your fingers can unlock your Android device if it has been set up.

This article wouldn't dwell much on the availability of a finger print sensor on an Android device but How to fix the partial finger print detection issues you may likely experience using this devices.

Initially, Everything went perfectly well until the day your finger print sensor decided to show some faults. Sometimes your prints get rejected with an error message "Not detected" or "Partial Finger Print Detected" thereby denying you of the access into your smart phone.

You may begin to panic or make plans of replacing the sensor which may get totally damaged if not fixed well.. Drop the thoughts! Instead follow up the steps below to fix finger print issues on Android.

Possible Causes Of Fingerprint Issues

  1. Finger Print Sensor Damaged
  2. Finger Print Sensor is Wet or Dirty
  3. Change of fingerprint pattern (it might be result of physical skin damage like its coarsen due to chilblain, chemicals, calluses).
  4. Fingerprint Setting Dis-function.
  5. Phone Update, (Updating to a newer or higher version may cause an issue too)
How To Fix Fingerprint Detection Issues

✓ If you observed the finger print issues after performing a system update, it is assumed that some apps in control of the sensor were not updated perfectly so, Reinstall the previous update to check if issue persists.

✓  Clear up registered fingerprints and perform a new registration process, make sure your fingers are properly wiped so as to get fingerprints registered properly.

  • Go-to Settings;
  • Navigate to Security > Screen Lock & Fingerprints
  • Clear Previously Registered Finger Prints,
  • Perform A New Registration process & Save setup.
✓ If Issue Persists, Try cleaning the fingerprint Sensor In front or at the rear of your device with a soft cotton (damped with alcohol).

✓ If after trying all this, and the same issue persist, It is advisable to visit a phone repair shop close to you