Thursday, September 26, 2019

How To Check Your 9Mobile Number

Easy Ways To Check Your 9Mobile/Etisalat Number


Looking up for how you can check your 9Mobile Number? You are absolutely at the Right spot.

Do you own a 9Mobile number in which you do not know the number assigned to it? Don't panic, forgetting your mobile number is not so bad because in most cases you've got some whole lots of thoughts on your head or due to the network coverage issues we likely experience in Nigeria. Luckily, There are multiple methods in which you can employ to check your 9mobile Number.

In my experience, I have been in situations where I was required of my mobile number which I actually forgot but after following the steps which I am about to outline below, I was able to save my spot.

How To Check Your 9Mobile Number Via USSD Code

You can check your 9mobile Number by Simply Dialing the USSD code *248#. The code is automated for Displaying your 9Mobile number, so once you dial the code, your 9mobile Number will be displayed on your screen.

How To Check Your 9Mobile Number Via Customer Service

The Customer Service number 200 is being assigned for all customers to communicate with the customer care agents. You can check your 9Mobile number by dialing the number 200, then request for your 9Mobile number or follow the instructions.

How To Check Your 9Mobile Number Via Sim Pack

On purchasing your 9Mobile Sim, your sim was attached to a hard card, that card is called the Sim holder.
Turn to the rear of the Card Holder, look at the footer of the card, you will see your serial number, puk number and also your 9mobile phone number.

How To Check Your 9Mobile Number Via Phone Call

Well, Funny enough but you can also check your 9Mobile number by making a phone call. 
Here you will have to get a second phone or a phone from your friend or family member, Dial his/her number using your own phone. Once the phone rings, You can copy your 9Mobile number out from his screen 🙂.
It's as simple as that but it would require airtime so if you don't have airtime, you should check your 9mobile number using the above methods.


Finally, I would like to recommend the USSD code method because it's easier, faster and more reliable.

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