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How To Check Your MTN Number

How To Check Your MTN Number 

Most times, it is quite difficult to quote numbers assigned to our multiple MTN sim cards.

This article comprises of several methods in which one can easily employ to check the MTN number assigned to his Sim.

Personally, I have gotten stucked at some points where I was required of my mobile number but knowing this methods in which I'm going to list here, I was able to check and provide my MTN number after few seconds.

You can check your MTN number either by dialing a USSD code or via the MTN Self service app "My MTN or through the Sim pack. Anyways this method will be listed in details to aid you check your MTN number easily.

How To Check Your MTN Number Code

You can easily check your MTN number by dialing the USSD code *123# or *663#. 
With *123#, you will have to follow some steps to arrive at getting your MTN number.
  • Dial *123# on your Mobile Phone
  • Respond with 1 to check account info
  • Respond with 1 again to check your Number
  • You will now receive a message indicating your MTN number in this format
  • Yello! Your Mobile Number is 23480XXXXXXXX
Optionally, you can combine the codes *123*1*1# to get your MTN number in one click.

How To Check Your MTN Number Via Sim Pack

At purchase, your MTN sim was attached to a pack, with the Sim pack, you can easily check your MTN number by referring to the rear of the pack.
At the rear, your MTN number, Puk Number, Serial Number are being written out there but if your sim pack is missing, you can use the first method above.

How To Check Your MTN Number Via Making A Call

This method is actually one of the simplest but it requires a second phone, maybe that of a friend or family member.
Get the phone from your friend and dial his number, Once it rings, then you can copy out your number written on the screen of your friends phone...

Although this method is quite simple but it requires airtime on your MTN sim, So what if you don't have airtime?
Simply employ any of the other methods.

How To Check Your MTN Number Via MTN Self Service

You can also check your MTN number on the MTN self service platform which is always available 24/7.
  • Download the MyMTN app and Install
  • Launch the App and everything about your MTN sim will be displayed including your MTN Number.

How To Check Your MTN Number Via Customer Service

Check your MTN number by calling the MTN customer service line, 180 although it may take some time to get response from them but once you are responded, request to know your MTN number and it will be ready audibly for you.


Before Leaving you to practically carry out this methods, I have to make my own recommendation for checking your MTN number which is the first method in this article.
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