Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number

Five Methods To Check Your Glo Phone Number.

Glo Phone Number

Recently, After publishing a guide on HOW TO CHECK YOUR AIRTEL PHONE NUMBER, I got several requests on my mail and WhatsApp seeking for ways to check phone number assigned to their Glo Sims.
Actually, it was not a surprise to me that the request was that much because people tend to forget things as time goes by.

So as a result of these several requests, I have decided to respond by putting down these five easy methods to check your Glo phone number. These five methods include
  1. The Phone Call Method
  2. The USSD code Method
  3. The Customer Service Method
  4. The Sim Toolkit Method
  5. Sim Pack.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number By Making A Call.

You can actually check your Glo phone number by making a phone call. It really sounds funny though but it is quite effective.
All you have to do is get a phone from the closest person and dial his number, once the phone rings you can copy out your Glo Number.

The above method is practically for those who have airtime in their Glo Sim but if you do not have airtime at that moment, you can proceed to the next method which requires no airtime.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using USSD Code

To check your Glo number using a USSD code, Simply Dial *135*8#. Once this is done, an automated message containing your 11 digits Glo Number will be displayed on your phone screen.
Usually, this message displays your Glo phone number with your country code, +234, simply replace the +234 with 0.

How To Check Your Glo Number By Via Customer Service

To check your Glo Number via customer service, simply dial 1244 and your Glo phone number will be read audibly while you write it down.
Unlike other networks were you dial the customer service number and follow voice instructions, this one is more automated.

How To Check Your Glo Number Using Sim Toolkit

In some cases, this method may not be supported because some Glo Sim cards don't support the Sim toolkit but if yours is supported, to check your Glo number, launch the Sim toolkit app, Check on sim services, tools and click on "my mobile number" to check your glo phone number.

How To Check Your Glo Number Using Sim Pack

Every Glo Sim at purchase comes with a pack, On the pack inwhich your Glo Sim was attached to, your puk number, serial number and your phone number is always written there.
In case your Sim pack is no where to be found, then you can apply any of the other methods above.


Well, I had to include every method that can aid you check your Glo phone number but you will notice that some methods may be more complicated than the other or include some requirements.
Having noticed that too, I would love to recommend the USSD method which is the 2nd and also the customer service method which is the third method.

Finally, you wouldn't want to repeat the check often so, you can write the number down in your dairy or probably save it in your contact list as "My Glo Number" for future reference.

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