Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number

How To Check Your Phone Number Via USSD, Sim Toolkit, Sim Pack Or Customer Care.

Airtel Phone Number

Are You In Search of how to check your Airtel Number? Definitely it's nice you stopped by because this is the right spot for just that.

It is not surprising to own a Sim card and do not know the Number assigned to it because recently technology has been so updated to having mobile phones with 2 to 4 Sim card slots. In such situations, you may probably find it difficult to Know the numbers attached to them easily but well, with the aid given from this article you do not need to panic.

You can check your Airtel phone number using Four different methods in which I'm going to list down for the purpose of this article. These Four methods includes, the Sim pack method, the Sim toolkit method, The USSD code method and The Customer Care Service.

How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number Using Code

Using *121#, you can check your Airtel phone number. To do this, follow the listed steps below.
  1. Dial *121# on your mobile phone
  2. Send 3 as a response to manage your account
  3. Reply with 4 to check your phone number
It's as simple as that or you try a code combination of *121*3*4# to get your Airtel phone number in one click.

How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number Using Sim Toolkit

With the Sim toolkit also, you can check your Airtel phone number with some few clicks on your mobile phone.
All you have to do is launch your Sim toolkit app, Select services, Click on Tools and choose "My Mobile Number" to see your Airtel Mobile Number..

Note: In some phones, the Sim toolkit may not be pre-installed so, you would have to install one using Google PlayStore.

How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number Using The Sim Pack.

A Sim pack is simply Your Sim's casing. You can check your Airtel number using the Sim pack by checking behind the hard clip of your Airtel Sim. Where you find Serial Number, Expiry Date, You will also find your phone number written on it.

How To Check Your Airtel Phone Number Via Customer Service

In this case, you are not trying to speak with the customer care agent. What I mean is, After dialing the Airtel customer care number 111, you will get a voice directive.

Press 1 For English, Press 1 to manage your Sim, Press 6 To Know your phone number.


Finally, I hope the article has been of assistance to you but before I drop a dot, I will like to advice that after knowing your phone number, you can save it or probably write it down for reference. For example, Copy the Mobile Number, go to contact, create a contact like My Airtel Number, the Paste the Number in the number section and save.

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