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How To Share Data On Glo

How To Share Data On Glo

Glo Data Share

Like we all know, Sharing is caring!
Sharing your GLO data bundle is very possible as long as you have excess and willing to share some.

There are instances where you get a message from a friend or family member requesting for money to subscribe their phone and it happens to be that you have excess data to spare but there's no money to send. In such cases, you can offer to share your data bundle with the friend or family member as long as you know the steps to follow.

So, if you have been looking up on Search engines with queries like;

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Or any other query related to sharing data on GLO, this is actually the right article for you containing detailed guides on how to share data on GLO.

You can share your Glo data bundle using the Glo Data Share Code *127#. In Glo data sharing, you actually share your already purchased data plan with a friend, This is how you do it.

Step 1: Simply add the friend's number in which you want to share your data with by dialing *127*01*Friend's Number# or you can equally send an SMS "SHARE Friend's Number" To 127. Example SHARE 08057512534 to 127.

Once the number is added, you automatically share every data bundle you are subscribed to with the number you added.

You can equally remove the person or number you are sharing your data bundle with by dialing the code *127*02*Friend's Number# or you can send an SMS "REMOVE Friend's Number" to 127. Example, REMOVE 08057512534 to 127.

How To Gift Data Bundle On GLO

You may not want to share your GLO data with a friend using the above method because if the friend uses data to watch Netflix, YouTube etc your data may get exhausted quickly So, I have decided to include this second method where you Gift a friend a data bundle instead of sharing.

Using the GLO Data Gifting service, you can buy a data bundle your friend or family member directly from your phone by dialing the USSD code *777# then follow the steps below;

  1. After dialing *777#, Respond with 1 to buy data
  2. Respond with 3 to Gift Data
  3. Finally, Choose any of the bundles you want to gift
  4. Input the Recipient Number and Send.

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