Monday, September 30, 2019

How To Check If Your National ID Card Is Ready

How To Check If Your Nigerian National ID Card Is Ready For Pickup.


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Initially, I wrote a guide on how to enroll for you national ID card, it's price and requirements, but this time, I am going to show you how to check if your National ID Card is ready for pickup.

In Nigeria, several people experience delay in the disbursement of their permanent e-ID cards. You wait, wait and wait but don’t receive any SMS or email notification telling you it’s ready for collection.

Although the duration for pickup was not actually stated by NIMC but it is proper that after you have enrolled and waited for a period of months you need to check if it is ready for pickup.

To Check if you National ID Card is ready, you will have to follow the steps below;
  • Visit the NIMC ID card status check Portal Here
  • Click On "Get Started" to proceed.
  • Enter your First name, Last name and the last 6 (six) numbers of your National Identification Number (NIN). You can locate your NIN on your temporary national ID slip.
  • Finally, click on the ‘check now’ button and wait for the network to load.
After following all the above steps, you’ll receive a notification on the website telling your if your national ID card is ready or not.

What Do You Do If Your National ID Card Is Ready?

Congratulations! if yours is ready for pickup
What you need to do will be to visit the exact enrollment centre at which you registered for collection.

If, as the case may be, you don’t live near that enrollment centre anymore, then visit any enrollment centre at which you wish to receive the card and demand for a transfer.

To request for a transfer you must go along with your temporary NIN slip. Also, you must be able to present the notification telling you your card is ready.

Fortunately, there are no charges for transfer at the moment. The only thing you have to do is complete the card transfer form that will be presented to you by the person on seat.

What If Your National ID Card Is Not Ready?

Unfortunately, if yours isn't ready, there's no need to panic or be scared that you were improperly enrolled. 
Kindly Recheck the details you entered and correct necessary mistakes but if there are no recorded mistakes, then earnestly yours isn't ready.
Just wait patiently for some more months and try rechecking often.

Please Note that you should never try re-enrollment as that will be recorded as a fraudulent act against you.

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