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How to check GTBank account number

Updated: How To Check GTBank Account Number

How to check GTBank account number
Looking up for how to check your Gtbank Account Number? Myguideout is the right blog.

This Post contains guides on several methods of how to check GtBank account number. These methods include how to check your GTBank account number via USSD, How to Check your GTBank account number via Contacting Customer service, How To Check Your Gtbank account number online.

Guarantee Trust Bank Shortnamed as GTBank is one of Nigeria's promising banks with more than thousands of customers and more to come because of it's outstanding services.

How to Check bank account numbers here in Nigeria has been recorded as one of the most commonest question that arises from customers on daily basis. 

As a lover of my writing profession, I wish to assist you by writing this guide on how to check your GTBank account number. Well, it is not a crime to forget your account number but it becomes a problem when you don't know how to check it when need arises. Now, below is the essence of this post, "How To Check your GTBank Account Number".

How To Check Your GTBank Account Number By Contacting A Customer Service:

Primarily, the simplest way to check your Gtbank account number is by contacting the GTBank Customer Service. How?

You can check your GTBank account number by contacting the GTBank customer service with this number 0803 900 3900.

Using this method, you may be faced with the following requirements for security purposes:

  • Your Account Name
  • Your Next Of Kin as provided during account opening
  • Your Home Address
Any of those information above may be requested, Don't worry, just provide as they would be used for your own interest.

After Verification of these details, your account number will be communicated to you, By SMS or Read out on the Call.

How To Check Your Gtbank Account Number Via USSD Code (Mobile Banking)

You can check your GTBank account number by dialing the GTBank Mobile banking code *737*6*1# using your GTBank associated phone number

This takes you straight to your account details where your account number is being written.

How To Check Your Gtbank Account Number Via SMS

It has been an old method though but I guess it's still working too.

You can equally check your GTBank Account number by Sending an SMS "My Account" to the number 08076665555. 
Please note that An SMS charge maybe deducted from you airtime balance or probably you account balance also.

How To Check Your GTBank Account Number Online

This method may require a little patience especially in locations where there is bad network coverage because it involves Data Connection.

  • Visit
  • Login in to your account
  • Go to My Account - My Account Number.
Also, Note that only customers who are registered to the GTBank online banking platform can this operation, you can equally register with the link provided above.


  1. I forget my account number but am with the MasterCard now and the phone number that I linked my account


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