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How to get receipt from mobile banking

How to Get Receipt From Mobile Banking

How to get receipt from mobile banking

It is very unfortunate that majority of customers banking with banks today still go to the banking hall / ATM stands to make transfers or deposit money just because they get receipts there.

The Receipt are very important proof of any transaction processed because, it contains the date, time of transaction, the receiver's detail, the sender's detail, the amount processed and the bank's branch.

Well! After reading and understanding this blog post, you will be getting a breakthrough from the stress of queuing up at bank halls and ATM stand as the guide will highlight the meaning of Mobile banking, It's benefits and how you can get receipts from your banks at your convenience.

What Is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is a new generation banking system that maximises on the usefulness of mobile technology, spreading with the speed of light and reaches you at your convenience.

The adoption of the mobile banking system by various banks today by purpose is to create an easier, smarter and secured banking platform for customers to access their accounts and perform transactions conveniently. So you see! It's all for your good.

Mobile banking is further categorized to: Internet banking, Mobile App Banking and the USSD Codes.

You can only get a receipt by using the Internet banking or the mobile app banking, USSD codes do not give receipts except you just make a screenshot of the "Transfer Successful" message but that isn't a receipt as it doesn't contain the date and other vital information about the transaction.

How To Get Receipts After Transactions on Mobile Banking

Like I said earlier, you can get a receipt by using the internet banking option or the Mobile app option.

  • Download and install your Bank's mobile app to your phone
  • Complete the Registration Process or Login to your account if already registered.
  • Perform a transaction, and a receipt will be issued at the end of the transaction.
  • Download the Receipt in form of a PDF or make a screenshot
  • Print Receipt if necessary.

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