Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How to Generate Payee ID And Pay AKSU School fees

How to Generate Payee ID And Pay AKSU School fees

How to Generate Payee ID And Pay AKSU School fees

The Akwa Ibom State University, had earlier resumed her Academic session for 2019/2020 which had the new students return before the Old students. 

During this period, students have to undertake some processes before payment of school fees, this process involves generating a Reference Number or a Payee ID from the University's portal and then proceeding to any of the Banks provided to make payment.

Recently, I have been faced with requests related to the Akwa Ibom State (AKSU) school fees payment and I guess it's becoming a major problem that most of the students do not know how to go through this processes on their own so, I had to come up with this guide on how to generate your Payee ID and pay AKSU school fees.

Requirements For Payee ID or Reference Number Generation

There are some things you need to get in place before proceeding to generating a Payee ID/Reference Number and they include:
  • Registration Number
  • Access Code
  • Part or Full fees

How To Generate Payee ID from AKSU Portal

  • Visit portal.aksu.edu.ng, allow site to load.
  • Go-to the AKSU student login section.
  • Fill in your registration number and access code to login to your profile
  • After logging in, Click on payment
  • After payment page loads, select AKSU school fee as Payment type,
  • Choose your Level and select a payment policy either to pay part of full payment.
  • A payment analysis will be generated, proceed to the pay option below the payment analysis
  • Choose "Bank" As payment option to generate a reference number or Payee ID.
  • Print a copy and visit any of the following banks for Payment.

Note: For an easy process using a mobile phone, Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. 

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