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How To Recharge PHED Prepaid Meter Online

How To Recharge Port Harcourt (PHED) Prepaid Meter Online

How To Recharge PHED Prepaid Meter Online

Convenience and comfortability is all everyone needs now, and through the help of technology, we are all getting there. 
Time is fast running out on days where we spend transporting ourselves to PHED offices just to pay our prepaid meter bills because there are many ways to do that easily, faster from our homes using our mobile phones or computers.

How do we pay PHED prepaid meter bills online is why I'm putting down this article for those who want to cut of the extra stress.

Before Proceeding, Prepaid meters can be recharged using a Token generated to suit the amount of recharge, and this token is being keyed into the meter and sent. 

How To Generate Token For PHED prepaid meter online

Primarily, there are basic requirements for generating a token online, and they include;

  • Meter Number
  • Phone Number (The token number is automatically sent to this number)
  • Email Address
  • Debit Card (For online payment)
  • A good smart phone or a laptop 
  • Data
A prepaid meter number can be found on the body of the meter, it is usually written along with the serial number.

Having the requirements reachable, you can proceed to the steps below to pay PHED prepaid meter bills.

How To Recharge PHED Prepaid Meter Online Using VTPass

  • Register an account with VTPass using the:
  • After Registration, Go to section which says "What do you want to do"
  • Select, Pay Electricity bills
  • Choose PHED - Port Harcourt Electric and click on the "GO" button.
  • A new window appears after the page load, displaying options that needs to be filled by you, the options include: Meter type (Choose Prepaid), Meter Number, Phone number, Email Address and Amount you want to recharge with.
  • After filling the options, Click on Continue.
  • A confirmation page with the customer's name, address, transaction ID and recharge amount will be displayed.
  • Proceed to choose a payment method which includes: Visa, MasterCard, Verve and Wallet payments
  • After payment, An SMS containing the token will be sent to the number, an email will also be sent for confirmation.

How To Recharge PHED Prepaid Meter Online Using Jumia One App

The Jumia One app is a utility application created by Jumia to make online payments easier. Payment of Utility bills, like electricity bills are not an exception either.

To use the Jumia One app to recharge your PHED prepaid meter, simply follow the steps below;
  • Download Jumia One App here
  • Register an account
  • On the Recharge and Bill Payment section, click on "Electricity"
  • Choose, "Prepaid" for contract type
  • Scroll and Select "Port Harcourt" on the Electricity board section.
  • Input your Meter number and amount you wish to recharge with.
  • Click on Proceed to pay.
Finally, I'm aware that there are several other ways to perform this action, so this article can be updated as often as possible in order to suit your needs and solve your problems. Due to this, the comment section is open for anybody who wishes to contribute or share his/her own idea on how to recharge PHED prepaid meter online.

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